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Friday, 7 November 2008

SWAP Stage 1: update

Modifications to original plan

My original plan was drawn up without consulting with fabric reality, as such I have been unable to find suitable fabrics for a few of the garments, but found other fabrics which could be used in the SWAP instead.

Original plan - staying the same
Pinstripe jacket
Pinstripe pants
Pinstripe skirt
Plain dark pants
Ivory satin wrap blouse
Turquoise wrapover top
White/teal print scoop neck tee

Turquoise crinkle skirt
Turquoise floral print blouse.
Turquoise knit top
Teal/charcoal scoop neck top

Move into Stage 2
Plain dark skirt moves into Stage2
Cowl neck sweater in sweater knit moves to Stage 2 (difficult to fit under jacket)

Ivory knit shell is removed as no suitable fabric
Dark plain blouse removed as no suitable fabric

I will draw up a new plan over the weekend and post it when its ready.

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Sew Passionista said...

Sounds lovely! looking forward to following your Swap progress as in other years. You must sew constantly or maybe you are super organized.