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Friday, 27 May 2016

Next up - Red Collection

I really liked the red items in the recent SWAP collection and decided I'd like to expand this more for the summer.
So from left to right
left: red linen - maxi skirt, probably Butterick 3972
2nd from left: red Ikea Gurli throw - cardigan jacket
3rd from left: red/taupe/ivory floral - top
centre : red ponte - skirt and cardigan jacket
3rd from right: red jersey - top
2nd from right: cream and red floral print - top
right: red stripe fabric - top

That would give me a long and a short skirt, two cardigan jackets and 4 tops.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

SWAP Voting now open on Stitchers Guild

SWAP Voting

- ONLY for existing SG Members -
From DragonLady
"Please look through the SWAP 2016 galleries, and submit your three votes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place by sending a private message to the user account "SWAP_Votes".  The account is shared by the admins, so we can all count the votes as they come in, and the votes remain anonymous.  We will tally them up, and inform everyone of the winners.
Voting will begin right away, and end at midnight Arizona time on May 31st. Votes submitted after midnight my time will not be counted.
Congratulations to everyone who completed their SWAP, and thank-you in advance to all those who will cast their votes.  :)"
Have a look at the SWAP 2016 Gallery.

If you like mine please do vote for me :-)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Update on the VIKING Husqvarna 190 selectronic

The Husqvarna bobbins I ordered online from Hemline (120.16 8.8mm) for £5 for 6

are indeed the right ones for the VIKING Husqvarna 190 selectronic.
They arrived in the post today and I followed the great video on utube
threaded it up, loaded the bobbin and sewed a few sample stitches.
The lamp doesn't seem to work but I've got a desklamp there for the moment so can definitely use it.
I'm glad I ordered these bobbins online as they were not stocked at my local Haby shop when I looked on Monday.
So the machine seems to have been a good buy which is great.

May Fabrics

The last two Mondays I have been and bought fabric from the Monday Market Man.
I thought I would share them with you.
The three on the left are all jerseys in plain black (for choir), plain red, and a red print on an off white background. I bought 2m of each to keep my options open, these were from this Monday.
The one fabric on the right is a dark brown linen mix woven. It has a great texture which you can't see in the above poor photograph and is wonderfully drapy. I bought 5m of this last week (the end of the bolt) and am imagining wide leg trousers, a soft belted jacket and a long panelled skirt for a summer work suit.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Simplicity 2603 Cardi Wrap in Gold

For my lovely friend B, here is a cardi wrap in sparkly gold, wouldn't this be great over a plain black, navy, white or cream dress for an evening/occasion look?
B is blonde so I think this will look great on her (much better than it would on my brunette self)
The fabric is a medium beige jersey with gold metallic threads woven though it.

Friday, 13 May 2016

VIKING Husqvarna 190 selectronic - purchased

I am happy to say I did go and buy the 1980s Husqvarna.
It came with the original instruction book and a little bag with some extra feet in it.
I am very smiley. I get 28 days to try it out and if problems then can return for a refund.
I will try it tonight.

Link to Video of this model of machine (mine is identical)

I don't have any of the right sort of bobbins so am researching that. The ones I have for my Janome are far too fat for the Viking. The motor runs but can't test any stitching without the bobbins.

According to the download from the Hemline site I need some 120.16 bbobins which they sell on Amazon so should be easy. I wonder if I need special needles too?

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Simplicity 2603 Cardi Wrap in Cream

I've sewn this Simplicity 2603 Cardi Wrap in cream cotton tshirt fabric for my lovely friend B. I hope she likes it. I have another one cut out in sparkly gold!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

VIKING Husqvarna 190 selectronic - worth buying??

Hi, I have seen a VIKING Husqvarna 190 selectronic for sale locally for £45.
It has been PAT tested (tested for electrical safety) and is working.

Would this be a good buy do you think?

Thanks Ruth

Saturday, 7 May 2016

SWAP 2016 - in pictures

Here's my SWAP showing the 4 categories
Pod 1 - one colour
Pod 2 - another colour
Combo - combining the colours from Pod 1 and Pod 2
Wildcard pod - a 3rd pod which works with some of the other garments

 And finally a few more outfits

SWAP 2016 more pictures

And unfortunately there must have been dust or something on the camera lens. (Maybe whale blow form the holiday!)

Friday, 6 May 2016

SWAP 2016 First Outfit

Denim slim leg trousers, ivory tee, navy long cardigan.

The outdoor shots seems to be over exposing unfortuantely, may need to try the other camera.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

SWAP 2016 Completed Wardrobe

Here are all the completed items shown together

Hanging on the fence

from left to right
PAC 1 is navy, this includes a long navy sweater knit cardigan, a navy drape neck top and denim slim leg trousers
PAC 2 is ivory, this includes a short taupe cardigan, an ivory tee and a long panelled taupe skirt.
The combo items bring in the navy and ivory with an asymetric panelled skirt and a shawl collar jacket in ivory and navy check.
At far right there is the wild card PAC, this introduces a pop of colour with a red knit top and dress plus a denim skirt.
I have lots of necklaces, a scarf containing all the colours and lots of shoes. Hopefully Saturday will give some time to take some modelled photos - weather permitting.
and indoors on a rail

Saturday, 30 April 2016

SWAP : Taupe cardigan

Using the same cardigan pattern as before (Prima Nov 2010) this time in the shorter length in a lovely silky viscose (rayon) jersey.  As before I've reduced the flare on the front for a straighter look.
The jersey fabirc is a great match for the panelled taupe skirt and I am now removing the cream skirt from the collection.

** Prima is a general women's magazine published in the UK, which if you subscribe comes with a free sewing pattern, often a very simple style, this one has worked very well for me.

Charity Craft Stall - Natural Fabric Bags

Ive taken a selection of my Craft stall items into work this week for my colleagues to have a chance to buy things. A few items have sold so I now have a bit of a headstart for Monday plus some change for customers.
One lovely colleague bought a little drawstring bag (not shown) and then came the next day with fabric pieces for me.
These are bags made from the bottom of some overlong Ikea curtainsshe gave me and twill tape handles. I love the unbleached cotton look and hope they will appeal on Monday.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Charity Craft Stall - drawstring bag

This bag was destined to be a shoe bag but I decided not to sew up the middle to seprate the shoes in case someone would rather have it for lingerie or laundry instead.
A bit more romantic than my personal aesthetic, hopefully someone else will like it.