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Sunday 11 December 2022

August 2022 Mini Wardrobe

This is the first in a series of roundup posts, mostly things I sewed and posted on Pattern Review or The Sewing Place. I thought it would be helpful for me to have them all in one place, there may be some repeats!


This was my entry in the August 2022 Mini Wardrobe Contest over at Pattern Review.

I love sewing capsules of clothes, but long gone are the traditional jacket and skirt suiting looks for the office. I really wanted to reflect the sort of clothes I wear in real life, and decided to challenge myself with jeans (pull-ons but still a lot of topstitching!) and a raincoat.
All but the raincoat use patterns I've sewn before and already tweaked the fit a little for my body, That made sewing those slightly more straight forward.

Top 1
Top 1 is a shirt in soft khaki cotton fabric.
Khaki Shirt

Bottom 1
Bottom 1 is a pair of trousers in soft khaki cotton fabric. They can be worn with the matching shirt tucked in and belted for a jumpsuit look. I added a hidden zipped side pocket for when I don't want to carry a handbag.
Khaki Trousers

Top 2
Top 2 is a simple knit top in a print which brings in both the soft khaki and the burgundy colour.
Print knit top

Bottom 2
Bottom 2 is a pair of jeans in a soft burgundy stretch denim.
Burgundy Jeans

5th piece
My 5th piece is a dark olive green raincoat.

I think I need to give the raincoat a really good press and reduce the shoulder width on the shirt slightly

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Lyndle said...

Love this wardrobe! Your raincoat is amazing, too