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Thursday, 19 January 2023

Three Print Top

I thought I'd make a top mixing three different prints.

I started with a scrap of red, white and navy uneven striped fabric. Then picked out a red fabric with a white paint speckle print and finally another print which contains the red, white and navy as well as purple, burgundy and grey.

As all the fabrics were scraps left from other projects the only way to make a whole garment was to combine with other fabrics.

The back is cut from the red fabric with the white paint splashes.
The front and one sleeve are cut from the striped fabric.
The other sleeve and the neckband are cut from the multi coloured fabric

I'm on the fence about whether it works or not. Any two of the prints with a plain fabric would have worked I think, but the third print makes it visually much more challenging. What do you think?

The pattern is my old favourite, New Look 6735, heavily altered for high round back/full tummy, and with the back cut on the fold for this top.

Sunday, 15 January 2023

Navy Loungewear

I made two pairs of the Monsal Lounge Pants, from the Wendy Ward Book, A Beginners Guide to Sewing with Knits. Both are navy blue, one a mid navy ponte the other a dark navy sweat shirting fabric.

I cut some long strips from the sweat shirting fabric and used it to enlarge a RTW hoody which was too tight. I loved the colour and the zips, so thought it was worth the alteration.

The long strips have been added up the side and under the arm. I'm really pleased as the fabrics are a similar weight and the dark navy stripe works with the navy zips down the front and on the pockets and it all looks like it was made like that.

I'll wear these pieces a lot I am sure.

Monday, 9 January 2023

Black and white print tee with contrast neckband

New Look 6735 knit top (altered) this time with the body and sleeves in a black and white print viscose jersey and the neckband in a green poly lycra activewear fabric.

I like the pop of green with the black and white.

Thursday, 5 January 2023

WIPGO 2023

WIPGO was a new concept for me before it was mentioned by a couple of members over on The Sewing Place and turned into a Sewalong.

Here is a longish explanation video of WIPGO by the originator.

The numbers this month are 6 and 10. 

Here's my board.

I'll try to do 5 hours on the chosen projects.

So January is Classic trousers with a front fly zip and the first block of the Sparkling stars quilt.

(I had already chosen these as my Jan projects before I'd heard of WIPGO so have put them in the corresponding slots, a slight fudge but still works I think).

Note on SWAP, I'm hoping it could start in the spring, but we don't have the rules sorted or agreement yet from the owner of the TSP board to host it.

Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Print knit top

 My first project of the year is this print knit top

This is based on my old favourite New Look 6735, though I've altered the pattern to fit me better.

The fabric was one of the ones I bought on holiday in Madeira in May 2018. So its really lovely to sew up it up now.

Sunday, 1 January 2023

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I've had a bit of a think and come up with my goals for 2023, let's see how I do with them!

 Make 9 Goals 2023

1. A wearable bra.

2. A black wool coat with welt pockets and lining.

3. A pair of classic trousers with a front fly zip.

4. A boiled wool jacket with lapped seams.

5. A shirt with a tower placket on the sleeve.

6. A silk blouse.

7. A bag that’s not just a tote.

8. A travel waistcoat with lots of pockets.

9. Waterproof over trousers that fit well.

2022 has been the year I have sewn the most garments for myself. Lots of those were quick and easy projects and my wardrobes and drawers are now pretty full. So for 2023 I would like to change the emphasis of my clothing sewing to more complex items with new techniques.

I have the fabric or pattern for many of these already, so let's see if I'm up to the challenge!

I'd also like to work on the Sparkling Stars Quilt designed by Iminei at The Sewing Place.

I've been gathering supplies for this as well and would like to complete it during 2023.

I think I'd like to sew along with SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) as well, and hope to have more news on that at some point.

Saturday, 31 December 2022

2022 In Review - Part 2: July to December

 The pace gathered further in the second half of the year


I started July with a quilting challenge based on tiles - I made mine into a tote bag

I then started sewing for the summer, starting with my favourite summer piece, this 3/4 sleeve floral print cotton lawn shirt. This was worn a lot over the summer and the colours in it became the colour palette for my summer capsule.

The navy pieces

And a few hot weather pieces (off capsule in desperation!)

- bright batik trousers worn with a navy tee (worn lots)

- 3/4 aqua PJ trs (worn lots)

- full length floral trousers - cotton twill a bit too warm

- yellow floral culottes - worn with a blue tee (worn lots)

- white shorts with a blue stripe - worn occasionally

- blue chambray PJ shorts (worn lots)

And a folding sitting mat


In August I worked on the grey green items in my summer wardrobe, a couple of burgundy pieces, a couple of ivory pieces and the trenchcoat and hat. It was a very productive month for me, in part because of the mini wardrobe and stash busting contests on PR


Throughout September I continued with the PR stash contest, making this the most prolific month of 2022.


The 2 month PR stash contest ended in mid October, but only after lots more pieces were sewn in Burgundy, Cream and Black.

Then the pace slackened off a bit with a couple of pairs of Monsal lounge pants and some more tops.

I finished off the month by turning my first quilt into a quilted jacket.


In November I started working on more festive items


Continuing that theme into December with some more felt decorations, felt cases, stretch cord jeans plus two pairs of jeans reworked to fit me now.

Wow it has been a busy year!

2022 In Review - Part 1: Jan-Jun

I think that 2022 was the year that I sewed the most, but as I don't keep detailed stats its hard to prove that!

I blogged nearly everything and did a few side bar links so we can get a reasonably good idea.

My theme in 2022 was using what I already had and I mostly stuck with it.


I started out by finishing a Christmas project which didn't quite make it in time, it was admired this Christmas though. Its a cushion cover, but is based on https://jordanfabrics.com/pages/christmas-tree-wall-hanging

I then went on to sew a mini capsule in Chocolate and Rose

Then two rag dolls, one for me (a UFO from 2007) and another for a friend.

I then went back to garment sewing - A pink top with contrast bands
A red top and dress

In February I had great fun making a multi fabric shirt, which has been worn quite a lot
And a linen dress and shrug which haven't been worn at all! 
The dress was my version of one I helped a friend to sew for herself, so probably not really my style.
And the shrug was an attempt to make a coverup as I didn't like it sleeveless.

In March I bought a new pattern, the Itch to Stitch Mountain View jeans. I made multiple versions tweaking the fit and the resulting blue jeans have been my most worn garment this year, they look better on me than flat like this.
I donated all my old RTW jeans (which I didn't wear because they were not very comfortable). A real success!

I also made some tan stretch woven shorts


April was dedicated to undies and nightwear

These turned out to be more used in the colder weather, with the PJs worn the most.

In May I upcycled some shirts by replacing the too tight/too short sleeves with new contrast ones.
The last one was my favourite, the embroidered sleeves just make it sing.

I then worked on a dress for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee
And upcycled old curtains from the previous house to be a futon cover and cushions for my sewing room.

In June I made myself some camo joggers and top - a quick project!
and then moved on to a patchwork denim jacket
I love this but wish I'd made the pockets a bit bigger, maybe I'll redo them!
I also reworked some old me made jeans which I didn't blog

There's so much more I think we'll need another post, so I'll be back in a bit!