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Monday, 30 April 2012

SWAP final item

And at 11pm I show you the Burda 9/2004 #106 jeans. Just a quick hanger shot, and a little crumpled from me sitting wearing them whilst I talked on the phone, but you can see they are done, and how fun the shaped seams are.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Red blouse from Prima June 2010, a great punchy piece for the SWAP.

Spring 6PAC so far.

Over on Stitchers Guild, Elizabeth runs a sew along for each 3 month period called the 6PAC (originally the 6 Piece Autumn Collection) though the term 6PAC is now used for any seasonal collection.
The Spring 6PAC covers February to April, and I try to sew garments in co-ordinating themes over each period to join in, though I don't always manage to make the pieces Elizabeth suggests. As I am also sewing for SWAP, the pieces either are also part of, or co-ordinate with the SWAP pieces. Here's where I am up to so far this season. The black jeans from Burda 9/2004 #106 and the red blouse from Prima Magazine June 2010 are both partly constructed and will be done before the end of April.

And these are the 6 pieces I made in January (a very productive month, before I started the new job).

For the next seasonal collection (Summer 6PAC), Elizabeth has suggested I go with cream and brown, so once I finish a few SWAP extra pieces (ones I planned but didn't sew in the SWAP timeframe), I will change over to the new colourway for Summer 6PAC.

I decided that this time, since I had asked Elizabeth for her advice, and she had so graciously given it I would follow it for once, instead of doing my own thing. Elizabeth has met me in person and watching the results of my sewing over quite a long period, and has an eye for such things so I think she's worth listening to.

Here's her sage wisdom for me
Well, let's see, Ruthie - you're a warm and clear colour, and "dramatic natural" as you say.

I *think* I would pick lighter neutrals for you this summer and go with a lighter ruddy/rusty brown (your hair colour)  and cream.  I've not seen you do much cream but I do think it would work.

I'd do a skirt with asymmetrical hem and a knit top in cream; (inner column)
A pair of brown trousers and a jacket with cool tabs and ribbons  (like that cynthia rowley one) in the brown (outer column)
A t-shirt in a brown/cream print [PS I put this in here because you like prints, but I bet a brown t-shirt would be v useful]
A dress in a brown/cream/colour print
See if you can get a colour in the dress to match one of your earlier wardrobes.
Then I'd pick out/make a bunch of necklaces, belts, bags in clear warm colour combos -- turquoise, coral, etc.

Alternatively -- you have loads of clothes.  Find some trousers or skirts and make a non-patterned top in a similar colour.  -- you might find it really extends your wardrobe.   Or concentrate on making a jacket (I know that you, like I, struggle with this). 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

SWAP Progress Red Skirt

I've made a version of Rhonda's All points skirt in Red Ponte knit. This one has a knee length straight section and the angled points area at the hem only.
This is a nice simple SWAP piece, but still works in with the Angled Poise theme I planned.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

SWAP Progress

The lovely Elizabeth has posted her SWAP progress, so I thought I would do the same. I have paused in my sewing labours, as I have just run out of topstitching thread - most annoying so here is my report.

SWAP 2012 Angled Poise

1.    Drape Front Cardigan, black and white sweater knit, based on New Look 6735 View A with draped peplum. (CARDIGAN 1) - DONE

2.    Scoop neck knit top,  black and white sweater knit, New Look 6735 View B (KNIT TOP 1) - DONE

3.    Multi length skirt, black ponte, Rhonda’s All Points Skirt (SKIRT 1) - DONE

4.    Scoop neck knit top, viscose print jersey, New Look 6735 View C (short sleeves) (KNIT TOP 1) - DONE

5.    Drape front cardigan, black ponte, based on New Look 6735 View A with draped peplum. (CARDIGAN 2) - DONE

6.    Knot front dress, viscose print jersey, New Look 6071 (DRESS 1) - DONE

7.    Knot front dress, black ponte, New Look 6071 (DRESS 2) - DONE

8.    Pull on pants, black ponte, Burda 12/2007 #127 (PANTS 1) - DONE

9.    Curved seam jeans, black stretch denim, Burda 9/2004 #106 (JEANS 1)

10.    Scoop neck blouse, red crinkle viscose woven, Prima June 2010 (BLOUSE 1) - CUT OUT

11.    Multi length skirt, red ponte, Rhonda’s All Points Skirt. (SKIRT 2) -PLANNED

I've also made a red dress and a red knit top, but as I already have two of each of those they are extras. Once SWAP has completed I will make up a red ponte jacket from Vogue 2989, but don't want to rush to do this before the deadline.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rhonda's Lend Me Your Shoulder Pattern

Rhonda asked for some pattern testers for her Lend Me Your Shoulder Pattern,
so I volunteered. A few days later the pattern arrived in the mail, and I compared it to my TNT and made some alterations to get it to fit me.
I then made it up in a bright red two way stretch red jersey and am very pleased with the result.

Loving this colour on me, though it does have to have lipstick!
You can see the results of the other testers on Rhonda's blog.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Black Ponte Pants: Burda 12/2007 #127

I've sewn some very simple black ponte pants from #127 elastic waist pants in Burda December 2007.
Not much to look at but a useful staple, need some pressing.
These work with the SWAP.