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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New home and 100 followers!

I safely moved into my new home over the weekend, with a few bits and the keys on Friday and the main removals on Saturday. The study and sewing room is still rather full of boxes, but I have made great strides and am already feeling at home.
Work related friends came to help on Saturday, and family on Friday and Sunday so I have been well looked after.

And very excitingly I now have 100 followers and so need to follow through on my promise of a blog giveaway......
I need to unpack a little more and find the cable to connect the camera to the computer, and then I will post some goodies.

I may also be able to show some things I sewed (bedding for the folding guest bed) and a faux shearling jacket back in January, plus a few lengths of fabric I bought. I don't have broadband at home for another week at least, so can only use the internet if I stay late after work!

So please bear with me, but I shall be keeping my promises.
There will also be pictures of the sewing room once it looks better and the machines have been let out of their boxes.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Moving on

I'm moving on, my divorce is final, I've legally changed back to my maiden name and on Friday I move into my own little rental. This has hampered the sewing though so sorry about that from a blogging perspective, but once I've unpacked and hosted a few housewarming events hopefully I shall back to sewing once again. Pennies will be tight though, so it'll be an exploration in using a lot of my existing resources (which are frankly quite plentiful!).

Here's my new home.
The garage is for the boxes of fabric and will probably never host the car.

I've actually had a fantastic time living with my parents this last 4 months. We've got on well and all enjoyed rebuilding the relationships and supporting each other. I am very blessed!

I see the blog roll is at 91, so here's a promise :-) if it gets to 100, I'll have a blog giveaway as a little thank you for the enouraging comments. Likely to be patterns and something homemade!