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Thursday, 28 November 2019

Next project: La Maison Victor Linna Coat

So it seemed like a good idea to make the Linna Coat from La Maison Victor. Although I have a few magazines I've not actually sewn anything from them, just enjoyed reading them.

But I really liked the Linna coat and thought it would be a good pre SWAP challenge, and handy for choir and other serious occasions.

So a bit like Burda pattern sheets the pattern pieces are overlapping on pattern sheets in the centre of the magazine. The LMV sheets are quite small so each piece is in several parts. Seam allowances are not included. (So I need to remember to add them).

The annotations are a bit different to Burda, so it took a little while for me to work out actually where the pattern pieces were on the sheet and how three bits (all in different directions) came together to make piece A (the front). I'm hoping it's going to be a little faster now I've got my eye in and I will carry on another day with the tracing.
There was one point where I was so baffled I considered abandoning it, so glad I persevered even if its made my head hurt a bit.

My coat is going to be black, so I expect it'll be quite a frustrating project all along the way. Let's see how it goes.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Mixed prints Style Arc Ivy finished

Now its finished I love the Ivy knit top from Style Arc in mixed print fabrics.

Its an oversized fit with dropped shoulders, so if you like a neater fit (or like to wear the new wider bottoms I'd suggest sizing down).

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Style Arc Ivy top

I'm going to sew up the Style Arc Ivy top in two different prints for the combining prints contest on The Sewing Place.

It has been cut out a while but I've not had time/energy to sew it up.
Here's the two fabrics I chose

I've picked the floral stripe for the front and sleeves, with the leopard print for the back, cuffs and neckband. I will get sewing this week and share on Doris the Dummy once done.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Wardrobe Musings

Wardrobe Musings

I love sewing co-ordinated collections, and I like to sew multiple garments with the same colour thread on the machines (sewing machine, overlocker and coverhem). If you read the blog much, you can see that from the sidebar.
However this approach can mean that when something wears out and its not the colour I'm currently sewing I don't sew a replacement garment and suddenly a colourway is trickier to wear as I have odd wardrobe holes.
I also have items for 'mending' or alterations which sit about in the sewing room for long periods of time.
In practical terms this annoys me as I'm not using the garments I have nor replacing the worn out ones. So maybe a bit more discipline is in order.

But sewing is a fun activity and too many rules make it less of a hobby and more like work.

It actually only takes a few minutes to rethread all the machines, so no idea why that's such a big deal for me.
I suppose the fact that my long navy cardigan (above) wore out and isn't available makes me more likely to pick an alternative, but sometimes I just want a navy cardigan (and this time with pockets please!)

Who knows what I will share next on the blog, because I don't think I do!!

Monday, 4 November 2019

Woven and knit top

Burgundy woven front, jersey back top.

I was inspired by this style of top which has a woven front but a stretchy jersey back.
I used New Look 6420 as my starting point. I cut up a size and flared out the hem. In the end I kept the extra size in the sleeves, but removed most of the extra added in the body as it was very loose.
I would definitely sew this again, its a great way of using woven fabrics in a dressy t-shirt. And I know it will get a lot more wear in my lifestyle than a blouse, plus the comfort of the jersey back is wonderful.