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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Navy tiered maxi skirt

Very cool and floaty for hot weather
No pattern used.
The first tier is a rectangle the width of the fabric and about 18" long.
The second and third tiers are each about 10" deep and are pieced to make longer lengths which are gathered slightly on to the layer above.
It has a simple machine hem and elastic waist in a casing.

I sprayed the skirt with water to get it to crinkle up and left it hanging over the bathtub to dry.

Monday 26 June 2017

Navy men's shorts

Very simple shorts for DBF
They have 2 inseam pockets, one back patch pocket, elastic waist and drawstring.
I made the drawstring eyelets on the machine.
I used a really old pattern from 1990 which I think someone gave me, or maybe I bought in a charity shop.
The only alteration I made was to add the drawstring as well as the elastic. And to go for all the same colour.
If I can get him to model them I will share.

Friday 23 June 2017

Wear a hat

Think I might replace the black band with something more fun - leopard print perhaps?

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Soft Autumn Fan

With the Soft Autumn Fan. I think I could wear some warm pinks and some more blue/green tones which are not on here, but generally I think its pretty good.
Here's a link to the original Muted with slight leaning to Warm done by Fabrickated.

In September 2015 Kate from Fabrickated draped me to see which colour season was best, you can read about that by clicking on the link above.
Kate wrote afterwards "You have quite a mixture of cool eyes, warmer lips and skin, deep hair and light skin, so you have all of these things going on to some extent. But the one constant was that muted was always better than bright."
After the draping Kate gave me a colour photocopy of a fabric fan which looked like this,
I've since lost it and so bought the above fan on Amazon from Germany as being the nearest commercially available fan - Soft Autumn is Muted and slightly Warm.

So its not as simple as the colour of your eyes which drive what colours work for you. Mine are green (green blue).
I don't know if Kate still drapes people as its a while since she did mine and I've not seen it mentioned on her blog.

Summer Sea

Navy column with a warmer cadet blue cardigan and necklace. The trousers are thrifted and altered, the top I sewed myself from knit fabric and the cardigan I made myself from an Ikea Gurli throw.

I have to be careful with blue that its deep, slightly smoky and/or warm.
Sky blue and cobalt blue are terrible on me. Sometimes I add orange accessories to warm it up, but gold and tan work well too.

Monday 12 June 2017

Hairstyle changes

I started this maybe 18 months ago. Start top left and work round anticlockwise following the arrows.
1. With original straight across fringe and coloured hair.
2. Started growing fringe out and parting it to give longer face, but mostly pulled back into ponytail!
3. cut to shoulder length and with some layers added.
4. grew the fringe out some more layers.
5. with the natural grey showing through.

Friday 9 June 2017

Naturally going grey

Hi a few people were interested in the approach I'm taking re going grey.

I previously used a semi permanent hair colour in a medium warm brown and before that a slightly darker one with red tones. They worked well with my green eyes and allowed me to wear some brighter and warmer colours.

I had a few friends who had coloured their hair dark brown for a long time and were having a lot of trouble with regrowth. I decided that whilst I was still only slightly grey I would stop colouring altogether and let the natural grey come through. That was over 18 months ago.

At the same time I also started to grow out my fringe (bangs) and had the overall length gradually trimmed and layers added. It is naturally wavy and I embrace that too.

I did have a little bit of residual colour in the ends but they were gradually cut out, and it wasn't very obvious as I had stuck close to my actual hair colour in the first place.
I don't have any anxiety about getting older, the birthdays are just numbers and my changing hair (and body) are a new journey I'm embracing. I'm calmer and more confident than I was when I was younger and have an interesting life.
So as those new white hairs come in I'm working with them, adding textured and pinstriped items to the wardrobe which have depth of colour like my darker hair but those lighter elements for the white ones.

I would like to see more styling tips for those with parially grey hair, mostly advice is for those with brown or grey not a bit of both!

Wednesday 7 June 2017

New Soft Autumn Colour Fan

Here's my new Soft Autumn Colour Fan
I love it. Hopefully it will help my colour and fabric choices going forwards.

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Experimenting with my style

A collage of the last week
more fun to come
(Only some things are self sewn, other are thrifted or purchased new)