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Saturday 23 July 2011

Orange T shirt dress

I've just finished my first item, a long T shirt dress in orange knit using Vogue 8679.

I must admit I don't like the lovely Auburn haired model in the grey, instead imaginging her in my browns and oranges!

A little part of me was saying "orange T shirt dress - NUTTER - when do you think you'll be wearing that?". And then I tried it on and immediately was able to style it with a short orange jacket, a brown belted safari jacket, and a long white shirt as well as several necklaces, scarves, belts and shoes. It does need nude underwear (and perhaps even a nude slip?) so I guess for me an orange T shirt dress is quite a useful item in the wardrobe.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

The Gym

I discovered that one of the benefits of being based out of the office where I now live is that there's free gym membership for staff based there in the hotel gym next door.
I've had lunch, dinner and drinks in the food part so seems only fair to explore the gym, and the price was right.
First up I had to justify myself to a lady at out firm and get an official letter.
Then I took that over, filled in name and address and am registered.
I've not been a gym member for getting on for 10 years and I was sporadic at best then, so this will be a bit of a challenge for me.
They do lots of classes ranging from Pilates to something which rivals army basic training, so I'll get some advice. Classes work better for me, espeically if others are going as it makes you stay the whole time whereas I wimp off a bit if left to my own devices.
Of course this raises the sartorial question of what a non slim non young non fit person should wear to the gym, and of course if the patterns are in Burda magazine. Am open to suggestions.

Sunday 17 July 2011

Autumn Sewing

I decided to introduce some summer elements so I can start now and am cutting out a corally orange slubbed knit dress from Vogue 8679. I'm hoping it'll be fun for now and the trnasition into early Autumn before it gets too cold for knit dresses.
 I'm wondering if I can use the whole wardrobe pattern and make up all the pieces for my summer/Autumn collection. I might add pockets to the skirt and trousers as entirely pocketless outfits are annoying to me.

Friday 15 July 2011

Legging and Autumn thoughts

I've made some navy blue leggings to wear with a purchased dip hem tunic. Definitely a Saturday look but fun none the less. I used the leggings pattern from January's Burda magazine and found they are very fitted, and a bit long. I have a 5cm elastic casing at the waist (and its right up at the waist) and a 6cm hem, this was without adding the suggested 3cm hem allowance. The picture shows scrunching on the models ankles, and I was getting this look before the 6cm hem. I also used a size 44, added 1.5cm sa and then sewed at 1cm instead for a little extra room. These are snug, though I do have chunky legs. Unhelpfully Burda say to use very stretchy fabric, and mine seemed pretty stretchy, but whos to say what actual percentage stretch they expect.

I've also been captivated by ejvcs Autumn sew along 2011 6-Piece Autumn Collection (6PAC) sew-along (August - October) and have planned a multiple piece wardrobe in brown/cream/orange - all from stash. I realise its only July, but we're not having a very hot summer, I have plenty of summer clothes plus some great fabric and accessories ready to go for Autumn. 
My current plans are

ONE  jacket – brown tweed
ONE skirt – brown tweed
TWO underlayer tops – one leaf print, one cream
TWO overlayer tops – cream cardigan, brown cardigan
ONE more bottom – brown tweed trousers
Leaf print dress
Brown tweed waistcoat
Orange knit top
Leopard print showercoat
But we'll see what actually gets sewn.

Sunday 10 July 2011

Sewing musings

Slightly random thoughts.....
I bought a leopard print shower curtain on sale, thinking to turn it into a shower proof poncho/raincoat - sure I saw something like that in a recentish Burda magazine.
I have several trouser/waistcoat combinations which need a VERY girly blouse to make them wearable for work. I'm thinking drapy fabric, gathered sleeve heads, ruffles or soft bow at the neck.
I have a forward head, broadish shoulders, chunky arms but slimmer torso - home sewn jackets don't fit well. Maybe I've learned enough now about my alterations for the forward head to try jackets again.
The jacket from Simplicity 2250 interests me because its simple, and should let me play with these alterations without being too frustrating. I always thought I needed a small bust alteration, but that seemed odd as I am a B cup. Turns out the excess fabric at the front was because of the forward head and not so much the bust, which was a revelation.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Saturday Shopping

Mum and I went shopping today which was great fun. We both had some vouchers to spend and also bought other things too. We had lunch out and afternoon coffee as well and then went back to their house and had dinner with my dad before I came back home.

We had a lovely time shopping, and I even managed to convince mum to get properly fitted for some bras.
She had been wearing 42B's but in fact is a 38C. We'll see how she gets on with the new ones as she was finding the proper band rather tight. She did look hugely better in the new bras though.

I came home with homegrown vegetables, home brewed wine and a new top which didn't fit mum, as well as all my purchases so am feeling rather treated, especially as I didn't have to cook all day.

I bought a canvas picture for the house as well as a quilted mattress cover for my bed.
The other items were classic bitter chocolate shoes and bag - really for the autumn, a pair of side zip navy trousers, a textured knit top in lime green, a floral print scarf in brown/cream/orange, a purple fleece jacket, white cami with built in bra and a boost bra in nudetone.
So now I better just stay home and cook/sew/garden/do laundry and keep away from the shops!

I've been making poor food choices since I've been living on my own and gained a bit of weight. So I need to eat a bit more salad and a lot less pizza. I'm planning to do some cooking tomorrow to have some healthy things in the freezer for work nights.

Plans for the mad print fabric are still percolating but hopefully will progress tomorrow.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Patterns and style

I did the quiz at Shoedazzle, just for fun and am apparently 'Refined, Cultured and Classic' which is a slightly interesting result. Probably because I picked the more wearable pieces and shoes.
I'm not planning to buy from them due to being in the UK, but its nice to have ideas.
On a sewing front 'Sew' magazine had a free Cynthia Rowley pattern, sadly my copy did not have the correct pattern included. Happily when I emailed complaining they very helpfully sent me the right pattern which arrived today. This was good customer service and made me happy!

Plus it now means I have both Simplicity 2250 and Simplicity 2281. I'm not much of a woven dress wearer, but perhaps a Refined, Cultured and Classic girl should have one or two......

Friday 1 July 2011

Interesting knit top styles: what next

I enjoyed making up the striped top. My first garment sewing this year. I wonder what would be fun to do next? I have some crazy fabric I've wanted to make into a dress and if there's some left over, which there often is if you're not too bothered about sleeves, I might be able to sneak a knit top out of things too.
Isn't it wonderfully crazy? It makes me laugh out loud its so much fun.
Hopefully it won't engender that reaction in others when they see me wearing it made up!

I am torn between making something very plain, scooped neck, plain sleeves, wear with a belt style or actually having some seaming a detailing - knit front or black bands to break things up - ideas?
I wonder if a V or square neck would be better than the normal scoop?