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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Gym

I discovered that one of the benefits of being based out of the office where I now live is that there's free gym membership for staff based there in the hotel gym next door.
I've had lunch, dinner and drinks in the food part so seems only fair to explore the gym, and the price was right.
First up I had to justify myself to a lady at out firm and get an official letter.
Then I took that over, filled in name and address and am registered.
I've not been a gym member for getting on for 10 years and I was sporadic at best then, so this will be a bit of a challenge for me.
They do lots of classes ranging from Pilates to something which rivals army basic training, so I'll get some advice. Classes work better for me, espeically if others are going as it makes you stay the whole time whereas I wimp off a bit if left to my own devices.
Of course this raises the sartorial question of what a non slim non young non fit person should wear to the gym, and of course if the patterns are in Burda magazine. Am open to suggestions.


Jenni said...

I would go for leggings and a long-ish tee, depending on the class. That would work for pilates I think though you would need a vest underneath the tee I suspect, for modesty.
There were some really nice yoga pants and a hooded top in BWOF 11/2006 and I think there was a top and vest too (but I didn't make those). I can trace if you don't have the magazine)

Carol said...

If they have a Pump class you should try that - it's the best.

kbenco said...

I find the most difficult thing with exercise wear is getting the right fabric - for legs particularly. For yoga pants or leggings I have found that using 2 layers of the thinnish cotton/lycra knit makes a good imitation of the thicker fabric in RTW exercise gear, without being too hot. In my experience the thicker fabric does not seem to turn up in fabric shops very often (of course this may be different in the UK, but I didn't see any technical fabric in Goldhawk Rd!)

GypsyKate said...

Leggings or yoga pants and a longish T, would be my suggestion to start out with. Kate

velosewer said...

At the gym I still wear 3/4 leggings and t-shirts that cover my butt. With the amount of stretching, no one sees my tummy 'unannounced'. My t-shirts are not figure hugging because that doesn't help me. I go for the endorphines (natural high) and low impact classes.

Amy said...

I just joined a gym too and am also trying to figure out what to wear. I don't even have gym shoes,lol :) Best of luck with your exercise program.