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Monday 20 November 2017

More fleece (and velvet hats)

I enjoyed making the hats and thought they would make fun Christmas gifts for my various family and friends as well as a few for the charity craft stall, which might be as soon as 2 weeks time.

I've gone for 4 basic sizes

Large (ie fits an adult)

Medium (smaller adult/large child)

Small (child)

Tiny (baby)

and I just keep cutting Christmas stockings and whatever size of hat I can fit out of the various fabrics available to me.
I'm going to do a sober darkish blue next for the people who can't deal with rainbow cats.

If you are a family member or friend who gets a hat for Christmas, it'd be lovely if you pretend to be a little bit suprised :-) and if you really like it, tell me and you might get a homesewn something again. If you can't abide it, please pass it on to someone who would enjoy it. Thank you.

Sunday 19 November 2017

Teal velvet tops

Both teal stretch velvet, but with slightly different necklines, sleeve and body lengths but the same basic pattern traced off RTW.

crushed velvet

and burnout velvet (or maybe plush embroidery onto a mesh background?)
Plan to wear with plain bottoms (probably trousers) for various festive occasions.

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Christmas Stockings

This time using a cute cat print fleece and co-ordinating plain fleece.
They are fun.
Have also made more hats but not much else.

Saturday 11 November 2017

Amazing new scissors on Kickstarter

Someone shared a link to these amazing new scizzors on Kickstarter, they look incredible, after reading and watching I'm deciding which offer to go for.

I am not affiliated with this company at all, however they are not far from me as they are in Sheffield which definitely got me interested.


Now which ones to pick - gold with my name engraved?

Monday 6 November 2017

Fleece hats

These are intended for the charity craft stall and maybe Christmas presents for friends/family.
I really enjoyed making them.
I am part way making some aubergine (eggplant) trousers which is taking multiple sessions, so these little quick items have been a real joy.

Sunday 5 November 2017

Claret Cardigan

Claret Cardigan using my old favourite New Look 6082 with a purchased belt (looks crisper than the tie belts I find).

Trousers from Burda 02-2010 #135 are in progress and will be shared later in the week :-)

The fabric is a fairly hefty knit, perhaps cotton interlock, its not a ponte. It's perhaps not the right fabric for this garment so we'll see how it works in wear.

Burgundy Print Top

This time a textured print with burgundy, pink, purple and darker brown tones in it.
Same pattern as before traced off my RTW sweater.

I like that it is a print of stylised butterfly wings (but not obviously cute butterflies).

Thursday 2 November 2017

Possible Sewing With A Plan Storyboard

Here's my (initial) plan. we'll have to see how closely I can stick to it!

First column is the brown pieces
Brown cardigan jacket
Brown tee/top
Brown trousers

Second column is the teal pieces
Teal cardigan jacket
Teal tee/top
Teal trousers

The centre column is the tweed cardigan jacket, and something else from the scraps, a skirt if it works out but maybe a bag or waistcoat if it doesn't!

The fourth column is burgundy
a burgundy top which I already made
and a burgundy cardigan which I'll probably make next as the machines are all threaded so it sort of makes sense to!

The fifth column currently only contains one turquoise top, which adds the second accent colour.

As much as possible the plan is to make all the things from the existing fabric resources (of which there are plenty) but there may well be a few extra pieces too :-)

Possible SWAP timeframe

SWAP project timeframe:

Sewing begins on 26 December 2017 and ends 30 April 2018
One garment may be started on 1 November 2017 and completed prior to 26 December 2017
One garment may be completed prior to 1 November 2017
One RTW garment may be included

Here's how I could break it down:-

Oct 2017 - already completed burgundy top which can be included as the previously made item
Nov/Dec 2017- sew the burgundy cardigan, and a test pair of Burda Feb 2010 Plus Section #135 B trousers (probably also in burgundy why not!)
Jan 2018 sew the teal items - trousers, top and cardigan
Feb 2018 sew the brown items - trousers, top and cardigan
Mar 2018 sew tweed items - tweed cardigan jacket and poss skirt (fabric permitting) or alternative bottom piece.
Apr 2018 sew the turquoise top and an accessory, and any extras needed due to 'wadders'
May 2018 finalise photos and share

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Trousers for SWAP

These are from Burda Feb 2010 Plus Section #135 B.
They make them from trouser fabrics with a bit of stretch, so I  might size up slightly and make a test pair in non stretch woven fabric to see if that matters or not. I'll do the version without the buttons and turnups.

If you haven't got a Burda mag from 2010 and want to make them, they are up on Burda style for purchase for £3.99.

For SWAP I plan to make these in brown and teal.

According to the Burda size chart I need size 48 trousers, I thought the 42 were only slightly too small and it should be something more like 44 or maybe 46 but hey!