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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Burda Style May 2015

Most months I buy Burda Style magazine if I can find it, though occasionally I am unlucky so don't quite have a full set.
May is full of what I would call 'daft dresses' that have no place in my life, though may work for other people. I did buy this edition mostly for this trouser suit which is very my style.
This is basically a more glamorous version of the sort of thing I wear to work most days (though obviously I do button my blouse before I leave the house).
It is slightly odd with a petite jacket but standard sized trousers, and since I'm between a 42 and a 44 may be too small.
So I love them enough that I will be tracing them (at some point), altering the jacket and actually having a go at making these.

I often wear my purchased suits with coloured brogues and self sewn knit tops, so could see these fitting right in to my actual wardrobe!

Tuesday 28 April 2015

New fabric - Monday Market finds

On Monday lunchtime I managed to visit the Monday Market Man and bought myself some goodies.
1.5m of white jersey with aqua flowers.
1.5m of dark navy woven fabric
3m of navy and white striped jersey (very soft)

Monday 27 April 2015

Spring collection Navy ponte cardigan

Navy ponte cardigan with dolman sleeves to fit nicely over all the dolman sleeve tops.
From Simplicity 1945.

And the collection now looks like this.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Spring collection Navy ponte pencil skirt

This neat little pencil skirt skims over the figure and finishes just below the knee.
It has a centre back seam with a small walking split at the hem.
I used a dark navy ponte fabric bought from the Monday Market Man and as a pattern the back piece only from Vogue 2989 (which I've altered to the length I like). I cut on the fold for the front and added a centre seam for the back to be able to have the little walking split.
It is very simple but I really love it!
 Here's the whole collection. I would quite like to have time to sew a little ponte jacket, if not I will use an existing purchased one for the SWAP.

Friday 24 April 2015

Spring collection print trousers

Still need a press and the hems stitching but otherwise complete.
I shall have to see if I am brave enough to wear these out the house!
These are from an OOP pattern, New Look 6875.
Here's how my Spring Collection looks now.

New Shoes

From the Clarks Outlet, so not current styles, but very comfortable.
Having found the sandals in blue were super comfortable, I looked for other colours in the same style/size and bought the orange ones as well. I did this last year and got another style in both black and a pinky red.
The navy brogues will be great with my navy trouser outfits.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Draught Excluder

This is a simple make for the craft stall on May Day Bank Holiday, though I shall be reasonably happy if no-one buys it as I can bring it home again and use it myself at the front door.
It was made from a rectangle of pre quilted fabric (I think intended for coat linings) measuring 36" by 18" sewn into a tube with one end left open.
It is stuffed with scraps of wadding and knit fabric from all the projects I've made since November. This makes it a bit heavier than purchased ones, but hopefully that is a plus in terms of staying put and blocking draughts.

I also hemmed the blue trousers and started to work on the navy print trousers.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Stripe top

This top is again made from the blouse in New Look 6217.
Due to a shortage of fabric I have been creative in the cutting out. The back is pieced in 4 pieces and has the upper section cut on the cross grain.
I added a facing with a loop and button closure at the top. This enables the top to be reversed, the button undone and a V neck with collar effect when worn the opposite way round.
The small mother of pearl button was recycled from a worn out silk blouse and works well here with a small ribbon loop.
This works with all the bottoms in the plan.
Here's what the collection looks like now.
I'm going to turn the culottes into a skirt and start on the print trousers, then move on to the ponte pieces later.