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Sunday 13 March 2016

Blue and white stripe tunic length tee

A lovely soft knit fabric in a soft denim blue with narrow stripes. The blue has subtle slubbing which gives a nice texture.
This is based on the free Kimono Tee from Maria Demark though I have made quite a few changes.
In my top version I have made the boat neckline a little narrower and raised the back neckline whilst also scooping the front neckline. I've also extended the sleeves very slightly. I also slightly shaped the side seams to be a bit more curved and flare out at the hip.
In the tunic version I kept all of these changes and lengthened overall by 8.5", continuing the flare of the sides.
It is working well with leggings and a long waterfall cardigan.
Added to the collection. I have a plain long navy cardigan on the go now. It made from a fine sweater knit.

Saturday 12 March 2016

Dirty Denim Slim Leg Trousers

These dirty denim slim leg trousers are from the same fabric as the skirt.
I originally cut out some leggings from my TNT leggings pattern, but the denim only has a slight stretch so the result was very tight and unflattering to wear.
So I paused, cut out and sewed up the skirt, adding some extra at the side seams to allow for the limited stretch and had a think.

Then today I cut the leggings up the side and added a pieced panel in the side. I also added a waistband.
I now have a much more comfortable and wearable pair of slim leg elastic waist denim trousers. Not sure they are really jeans though.

I'm not quite sure if this will manage to turn into a SWAP after all as it is a bit random.
Here's what I am keeping in for the moment.

Friday 11 March 2016

Dark Dirty Denim Skirt

Little straight skirt made from my favourite knit skirt pattern with added seam allowances.
The fabric is a dark dirty denim (the back is brown not offwhite) with a little stretch. Should be great with a simple top, medium brown tall boots and belt.
The pattern is the back only from the skirt in Vogue 2989.

Sunday 6 March 2016

Print Travel Bathrobe

Simplicity 5763 from a border print lightweight cotton, with plain upper sleeves due to remnant being quite small.
This is to take on our upcoming trip to San Diego and on the 'Searcher' around the Mexican coast whale watching. The toilets and showers are shared so something to cover up between cabin and facilities is needed but needs to be lightweight for packing.