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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sophisticated Safari

My current thoughts are for something along the lines of 'Sophisticated Safari'.
Its a good summer look, that can be worn to work.
So I am thinking a Safari inspired jacket with simple wide leg pants, gored long skirt and contrast top. My accessory would probably be a beaded necklace.

I was hankering after a red suit, but I think a khaki/sage type colour would be a whole lot more wearable, and I could introduce the red in a knit top as a twist.

My starting point is going to be this jacket - Simplicity 4231, which is now OOP but I think bridges the gap between Safari and office wear.

June Capsule Contest

This is my Blog for the June Capsule Contest started by ejvc on the Stitcher's Guild discussion board.

The contest will run June 1 - June 30.


1. The capsule will consist of four garments and one accessory (purse, belt, headband, jewellery, etc). One of the garments must be a top, one must be a bottom, all the tops must co-ordinate with all the bottoms and the accessory must co-ordinate with them all.

2. One of the items can be purchased and one can be made before June.

3. All the other items must be sewn, knitted, crafted etc during June.

4. Twist: no black items.

5. Everyone who tells me they want to enter the contest and makes at least one item can vote on the winner.

6. At the end of the contest people can send me photos and I'll post them in sets on Flickr. We should have four photos - one showing all the garments (composite or hanging or whatever) and three of the wearer modelling the items. No flat photos of the clothes please.

I will stump up the equivalent of 50USD to be paid into a PayPal account, or in gift certificates to a retailer of your choice, to the winner (caveat - it needs to be a retailer who will take UK credit cards). I'm thinking fabric or pattern purchases, fitting books, more accessories, etc. would be great ways to spend the money, but whatever...