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Friday 27 December 2019

SWAP 2020 black quilted coat

SWAP 2020 has started, and although I didn't manage anything in the gap between the rules being announced and Christmas (where one garment can be sewn), I have now cut out my first project.

I'm using Simplicity 8467, though I don't have the corresponding issue of Threads. I'm using the pattern more as a starting point for my own thing so that's not a big concern.
 The front, collar and hood are all one piece.
I've cut my version out of this pre-quilted fabric (without the fold backs) and will bind the edges.
I've also cut mine 12" longer so it falls more to a midi length.
I've not decided on closures yet, but like the idea of toggles, frog closures etc.
My quilted fabric is quite slippery so without closures I think it may tend to slip off.

There's some fabric left so I'm now thinking about another item from the rest of the fabric, perhaps a Gilet or Kimono.

Thursday 26 December 2019

Trousers / Pants from Burda 12 / 2019

I recently noticed that all 3 of the trouser patterns in Burda Dec 2019 cover a size 46, which really made my day.
Burda 2019-12-124.
Plus wide leg trousers in sizes 44-52

Burda 2019-12-105.
Tapered joggers in sizes 36-46

Burda 2019-12-120.
Ponte side stripe 'Trend Style' in 36-46

(Standard sizes only usually go up to a 44, so not sure why these have the extra size).

All very different styles and all in the same issue. I generally have a reasonably good outcome with Burda trousers (due to the long bias back crotch) though I need to watch the width of the legs particularly at knee and calf. The two tapered styles therefore may need to be a bit straighter in the leg to work for me.

I really love the side stripe detail on #120, could be a great approach to use when trousers are too tight or fabric amounts are short.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

No sewing but more fabric

I've not managed any sewing (other than a bit of mending) as I've been busy in the run up to Christmas.
However amongst the other errands I did manage to pop into the local roll end shop and pick up some more fabrics in the SWAP colourway.
Now obviously I won't use all of these but it gives scope for changing plans and wadders!

Left - lovely soft tartan fabric, will be skirt or trousers.
Centre - black denim
Right - lots of black bengaline, so useful in the wardrobe.

Left - Black with grey spots, beautifully soft.
Top - red crinkle knit with smooth back
Bottom - Black textured knit
Right - thick polyester ponte (the sort that kills needles)

Now these colours are in my palette though not my signature colours.
So I can wear them especially with a bright red lipstick

Monday 16 December 2019

Fabrics for SWAP 2020

I've been gathering black and red fabrics for SWAP 2020 and here are some of the options.
I've moved roles at work, and its a lot less trousers suits, more comfortable separates.

This is some beautiful silk I bought in Goldhawk Road in July 2010. I plan for it to be the front of a top, with the grey jersey as the back. 
This fabric is the inspiration for the whole of my SWAP 2020 both in colourway and in the garment style - a relaxed vibe with touches of oriental luxe.

Next up are some plain black fabrics.
Top Left is charcoal quilted fabric, which will hopefully become a simple unlined coat.
Lower Left is black baby cord.
The two central fabrics are woven wool mix suitable for jackets, and the two right fabrics are plain trouser fabric. I have a number of other plain black fabrics e.g. ponte, jersey and some pinstripe trouser fabrics too, so these selections may change.

Now onto the red. Top left and centre are red ponte fabrics, one a brighter red than the other. Top right is a red and black print jersey.
Bottom left is a small remnant of sweater knit, which would probably need combining with another fabric to make a garment. Bottom centre is a jersey printed with bright splashes of white. Bottom right is some red stretch lace.

More reds. Top left is a woven suiting fabric, used for the body of my moto jacket. Upper and lower right fabrics are jacquard knits used for the sleeves of the moto jacket.  I'm not quite sure what I'd make from these as yet. Lower right is a drapey fabric which could be a blouse or skirt.

Finally a poly jacquard border print and a mesh print.

I won't be using all the these fabrics for the SWAP, but a few have me particularly excited.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

DIY Snowflake or star (for purchased jumper)

Here's a simple way to make a normal plain jumper or cardigan (sweater) into something suitable for those 'Christmas Jumper' events.

Old plain navy purchased sweater.
A ball of sparkle yarn from an inexpensive shop.
A yarn needle.

I did a simple running stitch in the shape of my (slightly wonky) star/snowflake and then threaded the yarn through the running stitch tying off at the back.
It took  about half and hour to do.

I can always remove the yarn if I want a plain jumper again.