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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Cami top for PJs

 I used an OOP Butterick Pattern 6985 for a cami top to match the trousers.

I made my straps a bit wider and cut on the straight grain rather than the bias.

Makes for a good set for hot weather.

I think I'll call my SWAP 2021 done now.

On the left is the lined wool trouser suit and off white blouse - worn once for an interview.
The desigual fabric tee is a fun piece.

On the right the pilates outfit of tee, pants and hoodie.

In the centre 2 pairs of summer PJs in pink and white.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

PJ pants from Simplicity 1668

 Here's some simple PJ pants I made using the trousers from Simplicity 1668.

I made quite a few alterations.

1. Raised the back waist slightly.

2. Changed the back crotch to be more of an L then a gradual slope and slightly extended the back crotch length.

3. Removed the grown on elastic casing, which I replaced with a waistband piece.

4. Added buttonholes at centre front of waistband to allow drawstrings to come through.

5. Instead of the full elastic waistband I cut a slightly shorter piece of elastic and added drawstrings to each end. This gives the stretch of elastic, but the adjustability of drawstrings and is my preferred finish for PJ pants. 

6. Shortened the leg length by 11 inches (28cm) to give a 3/4 length pant leg (as these are summer PJs)

7. Added a lace trim to the hems.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Desigual fabric jersey top

 Often on holiday I like to buy a few remnants of fabric to sew up once I get home.

I can't remember which trip this fabric was from, but it's a remnant of what seems to be desigual jersey fabric.

I've made a basic 3/4 length sleeve t shirt using New Look 6735, but cutting the body a little looser.

Its got a lot going on but I really love it.

Here's how that might look in the SWAP