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Friday, 21 June 2019

Golding Wedding Bunting

Golden Wedding Bunting (not for me!)
50 gold pennants on a gold ribbon, hopefully will be used to decorate the party.
Fairly literal and also fairly plain, so hopefully also generic enough it can be reused for other events like Christmas and birthdays.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Verigris Jacket

When refolding the fabric in the 'Resource Centre' I came across this remnant of curtaining and was able to squeeze out a simple Kimono style jacket.
The fabric is a light green colour with teal and gold random sponge print on it.
It reminds me of Copper Verigris, even though mine is green and gold, the effect is similar.

Pattern, Kinder Cardigan from Wendy Ward's 'Sewing with Knits' book, made up in a curtain fabric remnant fabric with no stretch. This garment comes in 5 sizes I made the 4th size and added 3 inches to the middle length which isn't shown below but is halfway.

This works with my new approach for dressy occasions (which as a 'natural' I find tricky). I have simple shapes like Kimono cardigan jacket, basic trousers and knit tops only made in slightly more luxurious fabrics to look more dressy whilst still being me.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Hanging pockets

So a peg bag is just a pocket on a hanger, so these could be used to keep accessories with a dressy outfit, not just for pegs.

I've now used all 8 of the child sized wire hangers, so would need a slightly different pattern for different hangers

Sunday, 16 June 2019

New Peg Bags (and pattern)

I decided to replace my old peg bags (used to hold clothes pegs when hanging washing on an outdoor line), which were dated and worn.

My new bags were made to fit on some child sized coat hangers I bought, but you can use any suitable coat hanger and adjust the pattern to suit the hanger.

These could also be made in finer fabrics and used to hold accessories, lingerie or shoes which go with a specific outfit so they can all be hung together.

Now I've made the pattern I will do lots of different ones in various fabrics. It is a great way to use curtain fabric offcuts.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Cheesecloth stripe top

I had bought some cheesecloth/seersucker type fabric which was quite narrow. I wanted to make a simple top for hot summer days but with coverage for the upper arm area.
I started with the free pattern, sent to subscribers of the Prima women's magazine.
This is the pattern from the current magazine, July 2019. I used it as a starting point.
My version most closely resembles View B, however I curved the front hem, and cut the back curve slightly longer. I raised the back neckline slightly and scooped the front neckline slightly. I extended the cut on sleeves and added a band. I cut the back on the fold. Instead of the facing provided I finished the neckline with a bias band.
I'm really pleased with this, although its too cold and wet to wear it at the moment, when those hot days arrive I will definitely be pleased I have it in the wardrobe. It washes and dries quickly and doesn't really need ironing.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

June Goals - UFO Maxi Dress and Bonus Top

As part of my June goals I decided to try to complete a dress I cut out in 2008, partly assembled and abandoned. The pattern was from Prima Magazine November 2003. 

I added bands to the sleeves, neck and front skirt edges (the original instructions had it finished with bias binding) and hemmed it. And worked out a way to add the tying bands.

I may shorten it in the future, but for now I've left it the length I cut it in 2008, which is to the ankle when I wear it. I don't recall why I chose this length (I had cut a size 16 and added 10 inches to the skirt).
The fabric seems to be a cotton knit without much stretch so may shrink.

There was enough fabric left over to cut out a New Look 6735 top, though some single layer cutting was required as the shapes left after cutting a wrap dress are rather peculiar!

The top should work well with the teal bottoms from SWAP and the sage bottoms from the sage May collection.

I have off white on the machines so will see what I could do next.

June Sewing Goals

For June I thought I would have 3 goals, which I will aim for.

1. Participate in the 'Fun with Stripes' contest on The Sewing Place. (Stretch use multiple fabrics or make multiple garments)

2. Use at least 2 different patterns (from my usual TNT set). (Stretch 3 or more)

3. Finish off at least 1 UFO (unfinished object) (Stretch 2 or more)

I want this to be a fun game rather than anything burdensome.

I shall report progress as I go and review at the end of the month.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Florals Rule Twinset

The Sewing Place have a contest called 'Florals Rule' and although florals are not my first love I thought I would have a go.

I bought this pretty floral lace from the Monday Market Man, who is back in Chesterfield again after a bereavement.

I've used the top and cardigan from New Look 6735. 

I've not included the belt for the cardigan, and I've underlined the front of the top with some white mesh just to add a bit more coverage there.

Here's a quick dummy shot, but I will do a photo of me wearing both pieces together.
However in actual life I suspect I'll only wear one piece at a time, and have the rest of the outfit quite neutral e.g. navy blue!

During June I am going to challenge myself to use some different/new sewing patterns to expand my repertoire a bit :-)