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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Cheesecloth stripe top

I had bought some cheesecloth/seersucker type fabric which was quite narrow. I wanted to make a simple top for hot summer days but with coverage for the upper arm area.
I started with the free pattern, sent to subscribers of the Prima women's magazine.
This is the pattern from the current magazine, July 2019. I used it as a starting point.
My version most closely resembles View B, however I curved the front hem, and cut the back curve slightly longer. I raised the back neckline slightly and scooped the front neckline slightly. I extended the cut on sleeves and added a band. I cut the back on the fold. Instead of the facing provided I finished the neckline with a bias band.
I'm really pleased with this, although its too cold and wet to wear it at the moment, when those hot days arrive I will definitely be pleased I have it in the wardrobe. It washes and dries quickly and doesn't really need ironing.


Lisa Laree said...

Ooo, pretty! And it will be SO COOL when the weather heats up...which it surely will, sooner or later...

Cherie said...

Ruthie, clever alteration of a nice pattern. The finished top looks so cute, and I am sure will be a favorite come summer!