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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Fabric shopping

I did a bit of fabric shopping this morning, though must admit I don't have instant project plans for any of them, however maybe something with strike me shortly.

1m of each of these quilting cottons, thinking bags etc, we shall see!
Print knit remants with a fault and a seam (basically the chunk cut out where the basic fabric was seamed and then printed over). Nice prints but will require careful cutting and seaming to make some little tees.
2m of this cotton print because I loved it so much, I want to make something for myself out of it, but am really not sure what. Maybe crazy pillowcases used with a plain white duvet cover, a laundry bag or PJ pants. I don't need that sort of print in a skirt as I am a pear shape.
It makes me smile though, so I will think of something. The pillowcases is my latest and current favourite idea as I could enjoy them on my bed and go off to sleep thinking smiley happy thoughts!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Recent small projects: pink elephant, butterfly heart and hanging acorns

More items for the sale

A pink cushion with a procession of indian elephants, just enough for a small square cushion front (the back is pink and purple striped tie dye!).
Then some blue butterfly batik, just enough to cut out the front and back pieces for a heart cushion. Cute but not tempted to keep it, since its somehow not quite me.
And finally a little acorn print stuffed heart decoration. Didn't quite play with the other bunting pieces, so got converted to be a heart shape with a hanging loop instead. Hopefully someone will like it.
All these will be in the sale, since none of them are quite my style, but hopefully they will appeal to other people.

Recent small projects: small square cushions

The latest project is 14" square cushions containing an IKEA Irma cushion pad.
They have simple overlap backs and are made from scraps left from other projects.
I love the denim one, it has a rustic simplicty, so I have kept that one too. Creator's perogative!
I also like the olive circles but it doesn't really work with any of my colour schemes so I will allow that one to go to the sale.
All the recent makes have been gathered together in two piles, one for 'keep' and one for 'sell'. Fortunately the 'sell' pile is a bit bigger!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Recent small projects: pink bunting

I loved the first batch of bunting too much to sell it, so made some more with pink tape, which is still cute, but too much of a girly pink for me, so easier to allow it to go!
I think now I will take a break from florals and see what I can sew up that striped, plain etc etc for a bit of variety on my stall. Using things from the stash of course, so the materials lead the design, which is an interesting way of working.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Recent small projects: fabric bookmarks and pretty bunting

The latest makes from the sample books are these fabric bookmarks, cut with pinking shears from the stiffened top edges of some of the samples.
You can see the paper backing on the one at the bottom.

I also sewed up the first strip of bunting, and have to say I rather like this and want to keep it for myself.
The ends are a bit roundy as the fabric was thick but prone to fraying, but I still love them.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Recent small projects: additional cushions, shoppers and book bags

More cushions, plus a branch out into fabric bags in both shopper and book bag sizes.
Webbing handles make these quite quick and easy construction.
I have put a few of the last batch of cushions aside for myself but there are still lots going to the sale on Saturday.
Let's hope they sell well!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Recent small projects: Cushions from remnants

Several years ago someone gave me 4 fabric sample books from Sanderson produced in the 1980s.
They are mostly floral prints on linen mix upholstery fabrics, though some are on cotton as well.
I've been making them (and other suitable scraps from the fabric stash) up into cushions which I hope to sell for charity whenever there is a craft fayre locally.
I have to say I absolutely love the heart shaped ones, and its really made a goodly dent in the cushion stuffing stash. These are made as a cushion cover from the print fabric and then a specially made heart shaped pillow form inside, so the cover can be removed for laundering.
 I tried to centre the heart shape over the large floral motifs on the fabric samples.
My absolute favourite is actually this one made from some of the leftover fabric scraps using a 'quilt as you go' technique.
A few of these cushions may not actually make it to the sale, as i plan to snaffle them for myself first. But which ones to choose?

Recent Small Projects: PJ trousers

This fabric was too mad for anything else really, so I made it into some PJ trousers.
I used an old pattern which I had tweaked a bit, but actually I prefer Burda trousers for me.
The print is abstract fish and olive squares on an ivory background. Maybe they could also work as weekend print trousers, they seem to be in this year.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Recent small projects: Leaf cushion completed

Some years ago I bought a really cool embroidered cushion cover, made from linen in the shape of a blue leaf.
It did not come with a leaf shaped cushion pad, hence the reason it was on sale.
I said to myself "I'll make one".

Some number of years passed and I moved house 3 times. Recently whilst looking for something else I found the cover, and decided I would indeed finally make the cushion pad, particularly as my living room currently has blue accents and so it would be used immediately.
I ironed the crumpled linen mess flat, pinned it onto a scrap of sheeting remnant and cut round it leaving a seam allowance. I sewed it up, leaving a small opening, stuffed with kapok stuffing, sewed up the gap and inserted it into the cover.
It took about 20 minutes all told. Hmmmmmm.
Anyway it is done now and is in my living room where I can enjoy it!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Recent small projects: Boiled wool jacket completed

I finally finished the hand sewing on the boiled wool jacket. It fits nicely but sadly will not now get worn until the Autumn, so will get packed away for now.
The main hem and the sleev hems are finished with handsewn herringbone stitch. Not quite sure why I chose that, but having started I decided to finish it off.
The front is closed with 5 lots of chunky black hook and eye closures, carefully handsewn.
So this will be great once the weather gets cooler again about September, and it is really good to have the project completed!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

SWAP photos - preview

Voting has not opened yet, but a preview of the 2014 SWAP is up. There are 11 entries.
here's a link to RuthieSews Verdigris SWAP.
And the overall SWAP 2014.

I wore the black dress for work one day this week and loved it.
The tweed suit has gone away into the 'out-of-season' cupboard in the hallway as its too warm to wear it now, since I finished this back in January though I did get to wear it a couple of times.

I have been doing ironing, mending and finishing things off and will post a few bits and pieces once the SWAP voting is over.

Friday, 2 May 2014

RuthieSews Verdigris SWAP - Summary

Here's a little summary of all the SWAP garments.
It is a whole lot more grown up than previous SWAPs!

The pieces are

1 Wool tweed jacket from Style 2514

2 &3 Wool tweed skirt and green corduroy skirt both from Simplicity 9825

4, 5 & 6 Vogue 2989 Black dress, Charcoal skirt and Ivory top

7 NewLook 6082 jacket (from Ikea 'Gurli' throw)

8 & 9 Orange and Ivory shell blouses (block from book)

10 Sweater knit top with cutabout front (NewLook 6735)

11 Ruched front top based on Simplicity 2977 with sleeves added from NewLook 6735. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wearing Verdigris SWAP 2014 (Wildcards)

The final two pieces are in ivory and work with all the other items, as well as being great for wearing with any slightly hard to match items in my broader wardrobe.

The Ivory stripe blouse is from a shell block taken from a book.
And the ivory marl cardigan jacket is from New Look 6082.
All of the pieces mix and match with each other, ie any top can be worn with any of the three skirt and either of the jackets, and the dress can be worn alone or with either jacket.
There are also two scarves - one orange and one cream, plus a tweed flower pin to accessorise the collection, all made by me.

Wearing Verdigris SWAP 2014 (Dress Down Set)

These pieces are based around a more casual dark green corduroy skirt with a choice of knit tops.
This skirt goes with the wonderful dark green suede boots with copper detailing. I had a specialist cobbler alter the legs to fit neatly and love them.

The ivory sweater knit top is from my TNT knit top pattern.
 The cream jersey top is from Simplicity 2977 with added sleeves
Dark green corduroy skirt is from Simplicity 9825.

Wearing Verdigris SWAP 2014 (Vogue Corporate Set)

I have loved this Vogue pattern for a long time but knew I would need to alter the tissue before sewing the garments up. I must say I absolutely love these pieces, particularly the black dress. What do you think?
So here's me wearing them.

The hanger shots
I absolutely love these pieces, they are comfortable and yet very smart.
I have altered them quite a lot from the original pattern to fit my actual body, but am very happy with the outcome.