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Friday, 30 May 2014

Recent small projects: small square cushions

The latest project is 14" square cushions containing an IKEA Irma cushion pad.
They have simple overlap backs and are made from scraps left from other projects.
I love the denim one, it has a rustic simplicty, so I have kept that one too. Creator's perogative!
I also like the olive circles but it doesn't really work with any of my colour schemes so I will allow that one to go to the sale.
All the recent makes have been gathered together in two piles, one for 'keep' and one for 'sell'. Fortunately the 'sell' pile is a bit bigger!


Jenni said...

Very smart. I imagine those would sell quite well. Good choice of fairly neutral fabrics for max versatility in the home.

Rose said...

Of course, you'll keep the denim one. All of the pillows are nice, but I do like that one the best.