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Sunday, 19 April 2020

Black 6 piece collection

Here's my latest collection in slightly uncharacteristic black.

It all started off with the musical notes shirt. I'm in a choir and we had a social event, so I thought a musical notes shirt would be ideal. Its not particularly good quality cotton fabric, and I'd originally bought it to make a bag for my choir music, but it was a bit lightweight.

I then made some black bengaline trousers which I finished and immediately took away on holiday to Madeira (more about that in another post). They were great for the flights but a bit too heavy to wear whilst we were there. However I've worn them a lot since we came back as they are just so practical.
They had just come through the laundry in this photo -  always a good sign!

Next I went back to the shirt pattern again and did another version in a proper shirting. I even found some lovely black backed pearl shank buttons in the button box which worked perfectly (when does that happen?).

After that I thought I'd try a new trouser pattern, so worked with Butterick 6947. They needed quite a few alterations to work but I'm pleased with the final outcome. The pinstripe has no stretch but works well after the alterations.

Next I decided to use the leftovers from the black quilted coat I made in January and found a suitable pattern in my stash of Prima patterns. The inseam pockets are made from the black bengaline, and the fronts and collar are cut in a single piece to reduce seaming.

And then I went back to an old favourite and made an open fronted cardigan from Wendy Ward's book. (I have worn out several cardigans made from this pattern).

Although the pieces can all be worn together I will probably wear with colour as all black and white is not my best look.


Lyndle said...

Great wardrobe. Lots of nice pieces that you can wear together or with other brighter things. Love the shirt with the pearl shanked buttons!

Meg said...

I admire that you complete an entire coordinating wardrobe set. That really is a skill. Very nice.

Deborah Ritchie said...

Ruthie, what a wonderful wardrobe you've created.


Catherine said...

Wonderful wardrobe. So many nice pieces to go with your other capsules.

Ellen's Sewing Passion said...

Love all of your makes! These are treasures and you can wear them forever! :)

KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

This is such an awesome mini wardrobe! And so versatile when you add in the rest of your closet.

I really love that cardigan.