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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Zip front jacket

Here's my latest project a zip front jacket, using Prima Feb 2010 and the leftover quilted fabric from the coat I made right at the start of the year.
 Here it is worn open over the floral shirt.
 The back showing the panel seams
 And the front zipped up. I really liked the way this looks.

I used this Pattern from Prima magazine Feb 2010. To avoid to much seaming in this bulky fabric I converted the collar in an attached collar and cut the two fronts and the collar as a single piece without a seam. It gives a lovely clean finish which I really like.
It has inseam pockets in the front panel seams. I made them larger and more rectangular (copying a favourite RTW jacket) and they have been hand stitched to the zipper tape for security. The pockets are made from black bengaline left from the black trousers as I thought quilted pockets would be too thick.

My version is also a couple of inches longer and has a front zipper instead of hooks (the original design was made in faux fur).
Here are the last 5 pieces together. I have a jacquard knit black cardigan cut out as the next piece.


Katrina Blanchalle said...

Wow, this jacket looks fantastic! Nice approach with changing the pattern to deal with the quilted fabric, and it still looks like it has a beautiful shape. Alogether this is a very nice capsule and makes me miss the days when I wore black all the time.

Carol in Denver said...

Your jacket is exactly the kind I like to wear over a turtleneck in the winter: trim fit (so cold breezes don't blow up underneath), a high collar to keep my neck warm and pockets. I might add knit cuffs inside the sleeves to keep out the cold. For that, I use the tops of socks where the foot has worn out but the tops are in perfect shape.

Sewing is my happy place said...

The jacket looks great. Your capsule is looking wonderful.

KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

SO, so cute. I love this jacket and it looks great with the floral shirt!