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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Red cardigan with pockets

After all that black I wanted a change to something a bit more colourful so I have switched over to red.
This cardigan is made from another double layer knit, but a much drapier one. The right side has a textured effect and the back is smooth.
I used the cardigan pattern from Wendy Ward's sewing with knits book again. As with the black cardigan its a little longer than the mid length version in the book, and the pockets ae partially stitched at the top leaving a 6" opening.

This replaces a RTW red cardigan of a similar style but lacking pockets and now a bit worn so I know there is a space in my wardrobe for a red cardigan.

Frankly red is a bit bright for me though it is in my Sophisticated palette from Imogen Lamport. I've found I can wear it but it needs a red lipstick for best effect.

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Let's Get Sewing said...

That pattern looks like a really good classic, I like the pockets!