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Monday 25 June 2012

Singer 99K

I've not been to pick up the 185K yet, but I have bought a 99K in the meantime for £30 which I thought was a reasonable price. It needs a good oil and something for the rust spots as its been in a shed for some years apparently, but isn't it beautiful?

These are the accessories that came in the little black box at the side. A foot pedal is also included but I've not taken a photo of that.

I've looked the serial number up on the Singer site and this one was made in 1941, making it 71 years old :D

Monday 18 June 2012

Singer 185K

I bid for a Singer 185K sewing machine on ebay, but can't collect it until the weekend after next as the seller is away. It cost me £10.49, but is as pictured with no attachments or anything apparently :-(. So not sure how good a deal that really is. Am hoping its sturdy enough to sew some things my modern Janome can't manage like multiple layers of leather, denim, canvas, heavy topstitching thread etc.

Its not pretty like a 201K, but is basically a 1958-60 version of a 99K. Let's hope it does the job.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Denim Cushion

Inspired by the Union Flag being everywhere during the recent Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations I made this denim cushion.
The strips are torn and then sewn on with gold cotton thread and a 1/4" quilting foot!
I like the way it came out :-)

Sunday 10 June 2012

Paper sewing machine

A recent trip to the National Centre for Craft and Design (Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England) was slightly less exciting than expected but I did really love this model of a sewing machine made from old paper sewing patterns.

The artist Jennifer Collier makes models from paper and the cameras, typewriter, shoes and dresses on her webpage are also fascinating.

Saturday 2 June 2012


Someone gave me a really nice quality, but damaged plain white super king size duvet cover. Not usable as a duvet cover anymore because of 2 rips and damaged poppers it was lovely plain white cotton, smooth and very fine.
So far I've made 2 giant pillows (65cm x 65cm - approx 25 inches square) for sitting up in bed (stuffed with one and a half dustbin bags full of stuffing, they are lovely and firm), together with custom pillowcases which use the original trim from the duvet cover, and a pair of normal pillowcases as well to match.
I chose this size as it is also used by Ikea for their GOSA ASTER Pillow.  so I can purchase covers, buy other pillows the same size etc if required. It is a fantastic size.
I still have the plain back left (though it has a big tear in it) and fancy some lightweight summer PJs. PJ trousers are easy enough, but a wonder what pattern to use for a simple and easy top.

Friday 1 June 2012

real SWAP

So this is the post where I come clean about my SWAP.......
You may remember not long ago I completed the SWAP, declared it was fabulous and you should all vote for me. As a collection I am reasonably happy with it but it does need some tweaking.

I really liked the print knit - unfortunately having worn the pieces a few times the viscose knit has gone a bit shapeless. The knit dress needs a cami underneath, maybe I need to see if there are any scraps left and add a faux cami. The knit tee has gone a little short and wide, a shame becuase its a lot of fun.

The black knit dress is probably going to be a real workhorse. Its kept its shape, and once I shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length worked under more of my RTW jackets.

The black ponte skirt has been worn a few times but is quite dramatic. It'll stay in the closet for now. The red ponte skirt is not good at all. I'll probably salvage the elastic and put the fabric in the scraps pile. I made a too large dress from the same fabric so maybe they can be redeemed together into something new.

The cardigans are both a little wide across the shoulders, though its worse in the black version I think its because the stretch in the fabric. The sleeves could do with being reset on a slightly narrower shoulder to hang nicely. Wearing the black and white striped top and cardi together is a little frumpy, though I quite like them individually.

The black ponte trousers are probably going to be relegated to gym wear, as they just look too casual to me. The black jeans with the wonderful curved seams irritate on the inside where I fray checked the back of the loopy top stitching, and are a bit too loose at the back waist.

The red blouse is also too wide on the shoulders, but this could again be fixed by narrowing the shoulders and reinsertng the sleeves.

Since the SWAP finished I've been wearing mostly RTW - old tailored stuff for work and new hiking gear for casual.

Other SWAP/Collections sewers.... do you find you wear and love all of your pieces?