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Saturday, 2 June 2012


Someone gave me a really nice quality, but damaged plain white super king size duvet cover. Not usable as a duvet cover anymore because of 2 rips and damaged poppers it was lovely plain white cotton, smooth and very fine.
So far I've made 2 giant pillows (65cm x 65cm - approx 25 inches square) for sitting up in bed (stuffed with one and a half dustbin bags full of stuffing, they are lovely and firm), together with custom pillowcases which use the original trim from the duvet cover, and a pair of normal pillowcases as well to match.
I chose this size as it is also used by Ikea for their GOSA ASTER Pillow.  so I can purchase covers, buy other pillows the same size etc if required. It is a fantastic size.
I still have the plain back left (though it has a big tear in it) and fancy some lightweight summer PJs. PJ trousers are easy enough, but a wonder what pattern to use for a simple and easy top.


Hen said...

I love white bedding!
For a summer PJ top, maybe the sorbetto tank? Or a carmen blouse/peasant style top?

BetsyV said...

I agree with Hen, Sorbetto tank was my first thought!

It fits kind of closely, so make it larger than your usual size to sleep in.

sdBev said...

Great idea.