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Monday 30 November 2020

Cowl neck sweater

 I managed to cut a cowl necked sweater out of the pieces left over from the cardigan.

I used the top from my favourite pattern New Look 6735 as the starting point. Lengthening the sleeves, raising the neckline, flaring the body a little and adding a cowl neckline instead of the neckband.
I added elastic in the shoulder and neck seams to keep the shape.

Here's the sweater and cardigan together.

Sunday 22 November 2020

Prima November 2020 Cardigan

 Prima November 2020 Cardigan

Made up in a very soft sweater knit.  It is very light but warm but perhaps not very exciting.

I made a size 18 in the middle length. The bottom hem is done on the coverstitch machine, the front edge is overlocked, rolled over twice and straight stitched. I added elastic in the wrists (which makes it very cosy) and elastic on the shoulder seams and back neck to try to avoid too much droop. The other seams are sewn with a straight stitch and overlocked to prevent fraying.

Monday 16 November 2020

Soft and Snuggly November

 I want to make some soft and snuggly things for November. So I think I'll use the cardigan pattern from Prima November 2020.


Sunday 15 November 2020

Navy 6PAC for The Sewing Place

 Here's my navy 6PAC for the sewing place.

Navy red and white floral tee - New Look 6735.

Navy culottes - Butterick 6947

Navy and red stripe top - Simplicity 8375/6

Navy multi floral tee - New Look 6735

Navy and red print tee - Butterick 3344

Navy trousers - New Look 6216

And the Navy 19

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Shibori style dyed belt


This is a long strip of taupe cotton fabric I sewed into a belt using cotton thread and then dyed using a shibori style triangle fold. 

Saturday 7 November 2020

Diagonal Stripe Tee

I had some dark navy and cream striped fabric, which I overdyed with Tulip red.

I wanted to do something different than the classic horizontal striped tee, so folded the fabric on the diagonal and cut all the pieces out like that. I treated the diagonal fold as the new grain line, cutting the front, back and neckband on that fold and the sleeves parallel to it.

here's the front
and the back

For the pattern I again used a mash up of the sleeve from Simplicity 8375 and the body and neckline from Simplicity 8376.

It is quite fun, but perhaps would have been better with the neckband on the cross grain.

Sunday 1 November 2020

Navy and red knit top

This jersey fabric was originally navy and off white, but I decided to dye it with Dylon 'Tulip Red' for a bit more colour.

I was pleased to get the print level across the front, sleeves and back, lining up at the seams.

I chose a bit of the print I liked and cut a wide but short band (so it would hug the neck nicely).

The neckline need quite a bit of unpicking and resewing to have a nice smooth finish, but its worked out well in the end.

I used Butterick 3344 as a starting point. 

- I kept the shoulders, armhole, sleeve cap and sleeve length.

- Widened the sleeves from the underarm to the wrist to allow for full arms. 

- Made the body wider and longer for a relaxed fit rather than negative ease. 

- Cut the neckline so it wasn't as deep.

- Cut a wide neckband, which I stretched to the max to fit the neckline, this means it sits flat against the neck and the folded edge.

- Used the coverhem to finish the hems.

Where fabric permits I am also cutting myself a tube scarf (a bit like a buff with a seam).

This is a piece of knit fabric with a good stretch approx 50cm x 50xm (20" x 20"). I finish the edges on the greatest direction of stretch with the coverhem, then sew up the one seam on the overlocker.

I like these for the different ways you can wear them - snood, ear/nose/mouth cover, hair band, scarf etc.

Here's a picture I found of different ways to wear these tube scarves