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Sunday 31 January 2010

SWAP progress report

Well its about a month since we started SWAP sewing, (Sewing started on 26th Dec and can continue to 30th April) so I thought I would do an interim progress assessment.
So we are roughly a quarter of the way through the sewing time, and I have two SWAPs on the go. Let's see how they are getting on.

Amber Glow
This was my original SWAP plan and is in dark chocolate brown with red-orange, gold and ivory. This is all designed to be worn with amber jewellery I received as gifts for Christmas and my birthday.

So far I have made a pair of striped trousers, and a lot of tops. Looking through the tops, the animal print one is a maybe, the ivory cowl neck is in definitely. The mock wrap top was just recut from a too big version, so doesn't count as not made from scratch within the timeframe.  The red-orange cowl neck is lovely, but does use the same pattern as the ivory one (is that too boring?). The scoop neck top with beading is definitely in. The red-orange cami and cardi-wrap may or may not be in.

So that is one bottom, 2 tops that are in and 3 tops that are maybes. 3 pieces out of 11 in on target for one month in.

I have been wearing all the pieces from this, with the trousers getting worn every week with various of the tops.

Botanical Garden
This is a 4 trousers SWAP and although I planned to do it all from stash I have bought some extra knit fabrics to use with this SWAP. The colours in this are dark olive, lime, strong warm pink and ivory inspired by bright flowers against dark green foliage. The ivory pieces will I think be interchangeable between both SWAPs and also with lots of other pieces.

So far I have made a pair of wide leg lined wool trousers, and a straight leg striped pair, an olive top with bamboo design in spring green and yesterday's ivory top. All of these will definitely be included.

So that is two bottoms and two tops. 4 pieces out of 11 is slightly in advance of target for one month in.

I have worn the wool trousers, but so far none of the other pieces (in part because two have only just been finished).

So I am definitely on target with the sewing so far, although I have not really tackled anything very complex - for instance the lined Vogue dress I have planned for Amber Glow, or any jackets. I also know that February in particular I have some additional weekend work, and that generally February and March will be busy at work. I shall just have to make what time I do have count :-)

Saturday 30 January 2010

Botanical Garden: Cream knit top

Cream knit top - adapted from Jalie cross over top.
I had some trouble sewing this knit with the normal sewing machine until Jenni (Yorkshire lass of http://sewyld.blogspot.com/) suggested changing the needle to a stretch or ballpoint one. I changed over to a size 11 stretch needle and its sewing perfectly, which I am very pleased about.

My style

Whilst doing laundry today it becomes obvious that I have a personal style, a uniform as such which I fall back to over and over. When I am wearing an outfit with these components I feel very happily me. It goes like this.

1 - Striped trousers. Straight or wide leg with a dark background and white, self or coloured stripes. (occasionally I have textured trousers, and even more rarely plain ones, but I like stripes best)
2 - A knit top with elbow, three quarter or long sleeves. Usually in a light or bright colour or strong print.
3 - A jacket (or sometimes cardigan) which picks up either the dark background or the strong colour.
4 - A bold necklace in the strong colour.
5 - A large pashmina scarf in the strong colour.
6 - Shoes and bag in either the dark background or the strong colour.

I use quite a few different colours and combinations but the overall formula remains the same.
I do sometimes wear woven blouses/shirts, knit or woven dresses and even more rarely skirts, but when I pull together one of the outfits which uses the formula I am totally comfortable. (I must admit I did not realise i had a formula, but the evidence was in the laundry basket!)

It is interesting that I have bought and sewn a lot of skirts and also some woven blouses which I rarely wear. I wonder if I should force myself to try the skirts/blouses/dresses more often or whether I should just stay wearing (and sewing) more of the items I love so much?

Friday 29 January 2010

Botanical Garden: Stripe Trousers

Botanical garden stripe trousers completed. They have straight legs, back zip and shaped waistband with a 2" hem with machine blind hemming. The fabric is a dark olive colour with self stripes, also in olive but which catches the light becuase the thread has a sheen.
I used a McCall's pattern - M4718 which is out of print but I bought at the Sew Today stand at the Harrogate Show.

I fancy a cream knit top from the modified Jalie wrap top with contrast leaf print edging next - that would go with the 'Amber Glow' collection which is already quite heavy on tops (most of them orange). Or perhaps I will switch to bright coral pink for a few tops for the Botanical Garden SWAP. Let's see how the fancy takes me over the weekend :-)
Only one day away, and no overnights for work this week so should get some evening sewing in. Having said that there always seems to be one evening a week working becuase something broke and I'm organising people to fix it urgently. I also have some weekend working coming up. Joy!

Wednesday 27 January 2010


I collected my fabrics (see post below) from the Post room at work today as I was back in the normal office having been away for a few days.
Then when I got home my Onion patterns had finally arrived. I ordered them on 26th December but they have a postmark date of 24th January, so I don't think they were dispatched very quickly.
So whilst I've not done any actual sewing I at least have some sewing related goodies.
I am away with work again for another two days (Th/Fr) and then again Mon/Tue next week so have really got to get those weekends to count.

Sunday 24 January 2010

New Fabric

I hadn't bought any fabric at all since the show in November, though I think I might head up to Abakhan in Preston (there's a new bigger shop) one Saturday morning soon. Anyway today I bought some knits in the Totallyfabrics 1/2 price sale.
I got 5m of the viscose jersey in cream (picture below). I bought so much becuase it is a great price and it would let me make 3 knit tops from that yardage I should think. Cream is a great basic and works with both of the planned SWAP collections for knit tops

I also bought 2 metres of lime/olive crinkle knitted jersey which I thought might work for the Botanical Garden SWAP, though it depends on exactly what shade of lime it turns out to be and what the fabric is like. It is hard to tell on a little picture on the computer.

Thursday 21 January 2010

Burda Style February 2010

My work has changed slightly, and is reasonably pressured but very interesting. I am travelling a bit more to make contacts and get up to speed on some new projects. All fascinating but not all that helpful on the sewing front. Even when I have some time in the evening I am still thinking about work at the moment. Don't be sad for me though, interesting work is definitely a good thing in my book. The work involves organising builds of large computer systems for those of you who are interested.

When I got home late tonight I found that Burda Style magazine had arrived. Becuase of the problems with the Burda website recently I had not seen an online preview, so the garments were all new to me.
And actually there were quite a few things I liked straight away.

Jacket 101
Trousers 102
and then also
Knit tops 112 and 122
though they are raglan sleeved which is not usually a great look on me.

I was pleased as it seems to have come a little earlier this month. I found it very frustrating in previous months that people in the US had their magazines and had sewn things from them and  posted reviews on PR, and yet my direct subscription had not come until the first week into the actual month.

The trousers in particualr interest me becuase they have pockets and a side zip. And I could definitely use some trousers like that, as the lack of pockets in women's clothes is mighty annoying sometimes. I have resorted to putting my mobile phone on a cord around my neck in the office (I wander about talking to people :-) ).

Sunday 17 January 2010

Botanical Garden: Olive Top

I just completed an olive knit top with running stitch design inspired by a picture of bamboo in spring green.
The tee has a slightly scooped neckline with applied band,. 1 " hem and cuffed elbow length sleeves.
I cut this front a remant of fabric only about 70cm long (though 150cm wide which helped).
I wonder if the design is too subtle? I was trying to create something quite grown up, but also with a natural feel.

Saturday 16 January 2010

My take on the trends for Spring Summer 2010 - Accessories

Accessories. I love them. My weight has gone up and down a bit over the years but accessories always fit. And when you are being good and want a treat they have no calories.
I think accessories can really change the look of an outfit. However whilst I love them, I don;t want to spend a lot on them, have anything too faddish, or anything impractical. I have knee problems so all those crazy shoes are probably going to be no use to me. OK so bearing all that in mind, my take on the trends:-

This trend is about see through plastic used in bags, shoes and bracelets. It doesn't appeal to me at all, so I will be giving this one a miss. Having said that if you like the bodycon look in the earlier post, these would work well with that for a hard, modern edge. Its just not me.

Much more my style the other key trend is wood, leather, hessian etc in natural tones. This one is much more me though I would tend to take the darker browns than the lighter neutral colours. I also think the natural colours will have more longevity in the wardrobe and work well with the Safari/Animal/Batik look which I also like.

Up next. Some practical (but maybe not all that flattering??) bag options.
First the backpack. I previously owned a leather backpack which I used until it fell apart. Hopefully this look will filter down to the highstreet and I might be able to pick up a new one.
Another practical look is the bumbag (fannypack for the peeps in the US). Where this has the old 80's curved style, I am again feeling way too old to revisit it, but there are some tasteful slim rectangular numbers on belts or cords that look just the thing for keeping your money in when fabric shopping. So I hope the small rectangular bag on a belt does hit the highstreet as I would use that.

A few trends going on in shoes. It will be interesting to see which of them actually filter down to the high street.

Fortunately there are flats in, though quite a lot of ankle strappage going on, and if you have legs or ankles much larger than a toothpick these are best worn only with trousers IMHO. I have a soft spot for a gold gladiator sandal but we'll see.
yes flat lace-up men styled shoes. In classic black, but also in neutral, gold, red etc.
I last had a pair of these at University 20 years ago and I wore them out I loved them so much. I like the idea of these, but I think they are best not in black otherwise they are too close to the original men's style. So I shall keep an eye out for these. Care needs to be taken to not wear with too mannish a pantsuit, so best in an outfit with one very girly item, perhaps a pretty blouse.

Those designers love heels, but heck they make my knees hurt. So I will probably give them all a miss. For those of you who can walk in them they come in two main styles
Decorative heels
These have feather, lace, bows, crystals and other crazy things attached to them. I say noooooo and run for the hills. Having said that a little something on a plain shoe is nice.
Summer boots
These are in lighter colours, often in fabric rather than leather and may have open toes or heels. Cute with the safari look to bring it up to date, but probably a step too far for me.

Shoes with socks
I am having trouble with this trend, and think it will only be pulled off well by the very young and trendy. Basically the idea is to wear contrasting socks with heeled shoes. The socks are often sheer, sparkly or lace. Sorry it just looks wrong on grown women to me. (see previous comments on undies as clothes and raw edges - its my age again!)

These are very large statement necklaces. As ever some of the designer ones are completely over the top, though others are really quite wearable.
I would wear a modified version of this. I like big chunky necklaces, and with simpler outfits think these can bring a great punch.
If you do go for something like this I think you have to pretty much leave off all the other jewellery (except maybe small stud earrings and a wedding band) and keep the clothing understated as well. However done well I think its a great look and unlike so many others can be worn by all ages and sizes.

I shall keep a look out in the online and physical stores as the new season clothes and accessories come out and add a few new items. I am determined to maintain my personal style but also stay current :-) Lets see how I get on!!!!

My take on the trends for Spring Summer 2010

I am interested in fashion even if I am not actually fashionable (does that makes sense?). Even as a teen I never really embraced the fashion of the day, though of course I wore a subset of it and sewed my own things in a slightly random way. I occasionally buy Fashion Magazines, in particular I am always hope for someone to explain to me the overall trends for the coming season, so I can choose from the options available and make myself something that is both completely me, and also chimes with the styles of the time so I look somewhat current.

On that basis I bought Feb's Vogue (British ed) as it has a supplement which apparently is going explain all the trends to me. And actually its doing quite a good job of that so I am pleased.

They seem to be along the following lines:-
Something wild - Animal prints, safari suiting and tribal batik.
I can do this as it has lots of vibes I like, though sure I'll tone it down a bit.

Candy Floss - ice cream shades in sheer and floaty fabrics
Other than maybe a blouse I am probably going to give this one a miss. Sugary, girly and floaty are not really keywords in my personal style statement :-)

Short Order - yup this is shorts, short shorts and very short shorts.
Given my thighs and knees I am definitely giving this one a miss. I got enough comments from the blokes at work when I tried cropped trousers.

Notice-me prints - this varies from funky bold prints to special one of a kind digitally manipulated prints.
I can work this in tops only and only in certain colourways, but this one I do like the idea of. I have a print tunic planned for the Botanical Garden collection.

Raw power - rough cut and ragged pieces in unbleached shades of hessian and hemp have a raw, earthy elegance apparently.
I have two issues with this trend. One all that unbleached fabric is just a rubbish colour on me, and two I can't bear the tears and raw edges. I have an overwhelming urge to hem and mend it all. I know that's missing the point, but perhaps its my age. So prob won't be doing this one.

Spring bling - gold, glitter and sequins only for Spring not Christmas.
My first thought was 'oh tacky' but actually I have an old gold crinkle blouse planned for the 'Amber Glow' collection , so I think this can work if its more old gold than super shiny.

White wash - this one is about wearing white head to toe.
At first I wasn't buying it but actually I already own a white linen trouser suit, and like the idea of the white blouses with interesting detailing. So whilst I won't wear white completely alone, I shall break it out with some other colours for Spring Summer as I think it is very fresh.

Modern Military - combat gear with an easy feminine edge.
Yawn, military again? like Safari its 'in' every year it seems. Having said that, its seems to be particularly using olive tailored pieces, and I can go with that. I can see the 'Botanical garden' collection really using some of this style in the trousers, and adding in softer, prettier and more colourful tops. The idea is to have a military inspiration, not look like you've actually enlisted.

Inside Out - yup its bra tops, cami knickers and other underwear worn as clothes.
Sigh! The same part of me that wants to finish the hems of the 'Raw power' look wants to tell these girls to put their blouse/pants/dress on, and what the heck are they thinking going out like that. Somehow I don't think I can embrace underwear as clothing, so I am probably going to sit this one out too.

The new wave - this one is that old 80's bodycon trend back again. Lots of black and neon, super tight and super short.
I don't have the figure for this one, and I guess since I remember it from the 80's I probably shouldn't revisit it.
The closest I might get to this would be a fitted knit top with some contrast panelling, bands or even cut-outs. I am hoping Burda magazine will come up with something I can use as a pattern.

Fairytale frocks - frothy and frilly white or cream dresses.
Err no. Again perhaps a calmed down version for a summer blouse, but the dresses are like wedding dresses that have had an accident with a serger. A few of the details on a simple blouse or top might be nice. So I am taking this as inspiration where I want it at about 1% strength.

Wednesday 13 January 2010

'Decorative Dressmaking' by Sue Thompson

I ordered a used copy of 'Decorative Dressmaking' by Sue Thompson and it came today. Although some of her examples seem a little dated now she draws from many periods, and its a fascinating look at flunces, stripes, topstitching etc and the ideas could easily be adapted in a more subtle form to current garments. I think it could be a good way to present TNTs in a slightly different way.

I am quite tired today but will try and do just a little on the current trousers. perhaps even get them to that point where they can be tried for first fitting. One of those moments which can either be great or a total let down, will let you know how I go on.
Trousers are OK, not bad, not brilliant. they are relatively slim legged, and what I originally took to be high waisted turns out in fact to be on the natural waist. I suppose I have just got used to trousers sitting below the waist for the last few years so it looks different. Quite comfortable, though might let the hips out a little bit.
I put the partly constructed trousers down to change after trying them on and found the cat had curled up on them. She was not impressed when I moved them from under her, so I guess they have her seal of approval. She's less fussy about fit though as she only sleeps on the items and never wears them anywhere!

Monday 11 January 2010

Onion Patterns Shipped

Woo hoo! I got an email today saying my Onion patterns shipped on 5th January. The weather in northern Europe has been terrible with snowstorms and airports shut etc, so although inter-European mail is normally quite quick (though how Burda magazine gets to the US several weeks before it gets to the UK I don't know) I day say it'll be a few more days yet.

The ones I have ordered are both unlined jackets which I think will work for my new 'East Clothing' inspired wardrobes for the Spring.

Botanical Garden: Stripe Trousers

Next I am making olive stripe trousers from this OOP McCall's pattern - M4718. It must have been out of print for a while, but it still has quite nice lines IMHO as you can see from the line drawings. (Click each pic to make it bigger).
There are no reviews for this pattern on Pattern Review and its not on the live McCall's site, though I found it in an archive with a Google search, so can share it here rather than photographing the pattern envelope.
results will be shown later in the week, I am not sewing as fast now, especially with new patterns where I have to think a bit more.

Sunday 10 January 2010

Lined olive wool trousers completed.

Lined olive wool trousers completed. These are the first item in the 'Botanical Gardens' SWAP 2010 collection.
I've used a back invisible zip and they are lined from the bottom of the facing in grey green striped polycotton. I will see how that feels to wear. hopefully a bit more of a comfy version of wearing PJ pants under trousers when its cold LOL.

The lining fabric was originally pale blue. I bought it to make PJs for DH. He said 'Yuk stripes' and I thought 'yuk pale blue' and dyed the fabric with green dye hoping to get a teal or aqua colour. Sadly I actually got an uneven murky greyed green. But that's fine for lining and although these trousers are heavy I hope they will be comfortable to wear

Saturday 9 January 2010

Book: Does this Make Me Look Fat?

I recently ordered a used copy of Leah Feldon's 'Does this Make Me Look Fat?' after someone mentioned it on one of the sewing boards.
I have a large number of these style type books and have been thinking quite hard about what is flattering and fits my personal style for a while now, so I don't suppose there were any massive revelations for me in this book.

One idea I did very much like was that each person's wardrobe should have 'a common stylistic thread'. And I am definitely working towards that. Of course it helps to know what your style is, so you can apply all the other stuff to it, but I am sure it helps explains a few wardrobe oddities.

I am struggling a bit though with reconciling some conflicting advice.
So for instance generally you should choose the same colour head to toe as this gives a long line and is more slimming. However I need to wear contrasting colours (darks with brights usually), and in particular dark colours around the face are very unflattering for me (what's the point of looking slim if I also look ill?). I am also heavier on my lower half and she and others have advised I have darker/plainer/simpler bottoms and have all the interest on my upper body with colour/prints/texture/layering etc

A lot of her advice makes complete sense and rings true for me. In fact a few areas I had forgotten about were good reminders and recent wardrobe mistakes are now more obvious.

She of course includes the wardrobe clear out, and I think mine is probably overdue for another one. I have to admit that I keep stuff becuase I made it and it took a long time, or I bought it and paid more than discount prices I am reluctant to free the garments. But some weeks I just seem to live out of the basket of clean clothes rather than getting things out of the wardrobe.

In particualr my recent year of wardrobe sewing has produced a lot of clothing (most of which I really like) but my cupboard was already stuffed and overflowing.

I have been re-evaluating this year what RuthieK style is, so I think with a firm grip on that concept I need to have a wardrobe clearout. It can be painful or cathartic depending on how ready I am to let things go.
Its a bit too cold here at the moment for trying everything on though so I think it will have to wait until spring is a bit closer.

Thursday 7 January 2010

Olive trousers partially done

The olive wool trousers are basically constructed but need hems and lining.
I am quite pleased with them. The wool fabric is beautiful to work with.
These trousers are part of my 'Botanical Garden' SWAP 2010 Plan #2.
I have also cut out an olive knit top with elbow length sleeves. I plan to trim the neckline with lime and ivory shell buttons as an embellishment.

Sunday 3 January 2010

Orange Camisole Top

Here's the ornage knit camisole top completed. Its lovely and soft to wear and was cut from all the scraps left from the other tops. I now have only one piece left which is larger than 6 inches square, so feel I have really made good use of this fabric.

 I have had to add a front waist seam as well in order to cut all the pieces out. This is a good pattern for using scraps as its in so many pieces.
I have also done all the hemming on the other tops which needed it. And added cuffs to the one with the embeliished neckline.

Interestingly, the best thread colour match I could find for this fabric was actually a really bright red, all the orange thread was too yellow. I suppose that makes this really an orange-tinted-red rather than orange. Anyway its a wonderful colour for me, which is good becuase I realised that out of 2 x 3 metre pieces I bought of this on different occasions I have managed to cut and sew the following which I thought was astonishing.
  • Crossover front top (later resized)
  • Knot front top
  • Cardi-wrap
  • Scoop neck top (with embellishment)
  • Cowl neck top
  • Camisole top

Sweater refashion

Well OK just the neckline. The original was a poloneck, also known as a rollneck or turtleneck. Its was uncomfortable and unflattering, so I performed surgery as follows:

I put the orange sweater inside a green one with the desired neckline. I drew the neckline in with felt tip pen and cut out with sharp scissors.

Then I cut a strip off the old collar and stretched it to fit the new neckline. Sewed it on, serged it and pressed it.
(Excuse the dark mark, its leftover water from the water spray I use when pressing).

This is a much more flattering and wearable neckline for me, so a good rework I think.

Camisole cut out

I tried on the two tops that needed hemming and marked accordingly. I also managed to s-q-u-e-e-z-e a camisole top out of the teeny leftovers. Fortunately it has many pieces, but still I had to piece the front which was not ideal. I don't have any matching lingerie elastic so will also make straps (and I have some scraps for that too.
The pattern I used is Burda Magazine 12-2007-128B which is for a woven, though it was snug on me when I did make it in a woven, so have to see what it is like as a knit.
This can be worn under the cosy wrap or any of the other tops if I feel I need a bit more coverage.

Saturday 2 January 2010

Neckline embelishment

Here's my first go at embellishment. I went freestyle, in a natural-ish sort of way. All shades of browns and amber and curving lines. Its deliberately not symmetrical. I wanted a flow that was roughly balanced but had a handmade look.


January Burda Magazine

The magazine arrived a few days ago, and I have a few things I like in it.
I quite fancy this dress (made a bit longer to hit me at a more flattering leg point) made in dark brown knit with some embellishment on the wrap over neckline piece. Its 117A.
I'll need to make a test in some nasty fabric first to see what the petite sizing is like. Might be OK as I sometimes petite the upper half of bodices anyway and I plan to add 25cm to the length. I know this will alter the proportions but those knees and calves do need to be covered up for everyone's sake :-)

Reshaping the side seams

On the scoop neck top I reshaped the side seams using a Jalie pattern as a guide, so they looked like this.
It really improves the fit and look through the waist area.
I also lay this onto RTW tops and reshape ones which are straight up and down.

Amber Glow: Orange Scoop neck top

The scoop neck top is now complete except for hems and embellishment. The neck and facing on this was really hard work as the fabric was all over the place when sewing. Its come out OK in the end though. I just have to decide what beads to use on the neckline.

 Here's what I have sewn so far since 26th December.

And also this scoop necked top which had been cut out for the 'Inspired by the Sea' collection but was forgotten.

Friday 1 January 2010

Amber Glow: Orange Cowl neck top

Cowl neck top in the same red-orange knit. This fabric is so lovely to wear, but can be a pain to sew as it curls on the edges, which made applying interfacing a bear.
This top still needs hemming and I will try it on to see where that needs to be tomorrow morning.

Next the scoop neck top which is on the same pattern as the cardi-wrap only with sleeves added.
This has a nice firm neckline as it is interfaced not just a knit band, so I am planning some embellishment of some sort.

top remake

This red-orange wrapover knit top was originally made for SWAP 2008, but was in 'the box' becuase it was too large since I lost weight. Today I cut it apart at the seams, recut the body and sleeves, reattached the sleeves, resewed the side seams and added soft cuffs just below the elbow. Also I noticed that I have crossed the fronts over the other way this time lol - not intentional :-)
(I am really enjoying recutting some old garments which were no longer useful)



Amber Glow: SWAP 2010 Plan #1

I'm running with two overlapping SWAP plans this year. The 'Amber Glow' plan is inspired by a number of pieces of amber jewellery I received as gifts for Christmas/Birthday this year. The plan has a dark brown base and orange, gold and ivory accent pieces. Hopefully they will work well with the amber jewellery. I'll update the plan picture as I sew more items to go into the collection.

Happy New Year


This is where I should list all the projects I made this year, but you can see from the picture above a lot of what I've been sewing. I am not really into looking back too much, other than to learn some lessons from what worked and what didn't.

A few of the sewing blogs out there in cyberland are asking  'What was your favourite piece of clothing you made in 2009? '

So I suppose that should be the thing I have worn the most, or got the most satisfaction from. A year is a long time and a lot of sewing to review. Even looking through my reviews on Pattern Review does not show everything I made this year.  I do think though this year really has been the year of Wardrobe sewing.

I did the following wardrobes
Stitchers Guild SWAP
PR Mini Wardrobe which was also the first WiaW (wardrobe in a week)
June capsule Contest - where I was the winner :-)
Another WiAW
PR Wardrobe Contest (which I did in a month and came fourth) which was also the 6PAC on SG
Christmas Collection
and I have just started on two SWAP plans, though they are really for 2010.

Sewing wardrobes all the time has its pluses and minuses
The pluses are that you have clothing which works together, and once you know the colours and styles you like each new capsule or collection tends to overlap partially with a previous one.
Today's outfit is a case in point. I am wearing stripe trousers from SWAP 2009, a white and turquoise print top which was a late entry for the 'Inspired by the Sea' collection and the black and gold cardiwrap from the Christmas Collection, teamed with turquoise suede ballet flats and turquoise jewellery.

I suppose the minuses of this type of sewing are it tends to reuse the same patterns over and over, and they tend to be simple ones. So those statement one of a kind pieces are missing.

During 2009 I realised I don't always dress in a way which is true to myself, particularly for work so that's something I have been trying to adjust, and it takes quite a bit of sewing to overhaul a wardrobe.

Anyway thanks for reading, and I hope you will enjoy seeing the things I sew over the next few months as I work on SWAP Plan #1 'Amber Glow', and SWAP Plan 2 'Botanical Garden'. I am excited about both my collections and hopefully will be able to complete them by April 30th 2010.