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Saturday, 16 January 2010

My take on the trends for Spring Summer 2010

I am interested in fashion even if I am not actually fashionable (does that makes sense?). Even as a teen I never really embraced the fashion of the day, though of course I wore a subset of it and sewed my own things in a slightly random way. I occasionally buy Fashion Magazines, in particular I am always hope for someone to explain to me the overall trends for the coming season, so I can choose from the options available and make myself something that is both completely me, and also chimes with the styles of the time so I look somewhat current.

On that basis I bought Feb's Vogue (British ed) as it has a supplement which apparently is going explain all the trends to me. And actually its doing quite a good job of that so I am pleased.

They seem to be along the following lines:-
Something wild - Animal prints, safari suiting and tribal batik.
I can do this as it has lots of vibes I like, though sure I'll tone it down a bit.

Candy Floss - ice cream shades in sheer and floaty fabrics
Other than maybe a blouse I am probably going to give this one a miss. Sugary, girly and floaty are not really keywords in my personal style statement :-)

Short Order - yup this is shorts, short shorts and very short shorts.
Given my thighs and knees I am definitely giving this one a miss. I got enough comments from the blokes at work when I tried cropped trousers.

Notice-me prints - this varies from funky bold prints to special one of a kind digitally manipulated prints.
I can work this in tops only and only in certain colourways, but this one I do like the idea of. I have a print tunic planned for the Botanical Garden collection.

Raw power - rough cut and ragged pieces in unbleached shades of hessian and hemp have a raw, earthy elegance apparently.
I have two issues with this trend. One all that unbleached fabric is just a rubbish colour on me, and two I can't bear the tears and raw edges. I have an overwhelming urge to hem and mend it all. I know that's missing the point, but perhaps its my age. So prob won't be doing this one.

Spring bling - gold, glitter and sequins only for Spring not Christmas.
My first thought was 'oh tacky' but actually I have an old gold crinkle blouse planned for the 'Amber Glow' collection , so I think this can work if its more old gold than super shiny.

White wash - this one is about wearing white head to toe.
At first I wasn't buying it but actually I already own a white linen trouser suit, and like the idea of the white blouses with interesting detailing. So whilst I won't wear white completely alone, I shall break it out with some other colours for Spring Summer as I think it is very fresh.

Modern Military - combat gear with an easy feminine edge.
Yawn, military again? like Safari its 'in' every year it seems. Having said that, its seems to be particularly using olive tailored pieces, and I can go with that. I can see the 'Botanical garden' collection really using some of this style in the trousers, and adding in softer, prettier and more colourful tops. The idea is to have a military inspiration, not look like you've actually enlisted.

Inside Out - yup its bra tops, cami knickers and other underwear worn as clothes.
Sigh! The same part of me that wants to finish the hems of the 'Raw power' look wants to tell these girls to put their blouse/pants/dress on, and what the heck are they thinking going out like that. Somehow I don't think I can embrace underwear as clothing, so I am probably going to sit this one out too.

The new wave - this one is that old 80's bodycon trend back again. Lots of black and neon, super tight and super short.
I don't have the figure for this one, and I guess since I remember it from the 80's I probably shouldn't revisit it.
The closest I might get to this would be a fitted knit top with some contrast panelling, bands or even cut-outs. I am hoping Burda magazine will come up with something I can use as a pattern.

Fairytale frocks - frothy and frilly white or cream dresses.
Err no. Again perhaps a calmed down version for a summer blouse, but the dresses are like wedding dresses that have had an accident with a serger. A few of the details on a simple blouse or top might be nice. So I am taking this as inspiration where I want it at about 1% strength.

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Michelle said...

I'm with you on the pink, girly, and frilly. I feel silly if I dress like that...I would consider a float blouse, but in my "regular" wardrobe colors...grey and black!