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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Burda Style February 2010

My work has changed slightly, and is reasonably pressured but very interesting. I am travelling a bit more to make contacts and get up to speed on some new projects. All fascinating but not all that helpful on the sewing front. Even when I have some time in the evening I am still thinking about work at the moment. Don't be sad for me though, interesting work is definitely a good thing in my book. The work involves organising builds of large computer systems for those of you who are interested.

When I got home late tonight I found that Burda Style magazine had arrived. Becuase of the problems with the Burda website recently I had not seen an online preview, so the garments were all new to me.
And actually there were quite a few things I liked straight away.

Jacket 101
Trousers 102
and then also
Knit tops 112 and 122
though they are raglan sleeved which is not usually a great look on me.

I was pleased as it seems to have come a little earlier this month. I found it very frustrating in previous months that people in the US had their magazines and had sewn things from them and  posted reviews on PR, and yet my direct subscription had not come until the first week into the actual month.

The trousers in particualr interest me becuase they have pockets and a side zip. And I could definitely use some trousers like that, as the lack of pockets in women's clothes is mighty annoying sometimes. I have resorted to putting my mobile phone on a cord around my neck in the office (I wander about talking to people :-) ).

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