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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wearing Verdigris SWAP 2014 (Verdigris Tweed Set)

I know you have all been keen to see me actually wearing some of the clothes, so I moved the table, took down the map of the world, set up the tripod and the camera on self timer, and can share these with you.

Verdigris Tweed Set.
Green/black/grey/white tweed bought at least 18 years ago in Laura Ashley in York, and made up more recently into a jacket (Style 2514) and pencil skirt (Simplicity 9825). The blouse is from a basic shell block I drafted from a book, with a bias bound neckline and removable infinity scarf made from the scraps.
The jacket was previously sewn, the skirt sewn before 26th December and the blouse made in January.

The colour is rather off as I've taken the photos indoors without a flash, but it shows you the fit/shape etc.
Here are some hanger shots which show the garments themselves a bit better.

Drawstring laundry bag

I didn't use a tutorial for this, but it's based on the same principles as the Plastic bag Holders, though with the bottom sewn up and only one drawstring.
The idea with this one is that you pack it flat in your suitcase, then fill up with laundry in the bottom of your hotel wardrobe, then pop back in the suitcase at the end of the holiday.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Gift wrap storage bag

This wrapping paper bag is based on this tutorial but adapted for the strangely shaped piece of fabric I had.
I added a hanging loop, since I had a long thin section to my remnant, and the pocket has an angled side as this also came from the original remnant. It works for scizzors and tape though so I am pleased.
In the shot I have the roll of gift wrap poking out, but the bag in the right length to completely enclose it.

I think this could work well for a Christmas Craft Fayre if made up in dark green.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Plastic bag holders

I have a yen to sew things made out of rectangles for a bit, and decided to tidy up my pantry a bit by gathering all those plastic bags together in a plastic bag holder. To avoid reinventing the wheel I found This Tutorial for a Plastic bag Holder it looks very clear and would be great for a beginner project, but hopefully will be a good way for me to use up stash and make some things which are possible Craft Fayre type items. I reckon there's about 7 months until the next Christmas Craft Fayre, so if I get sewing now I might have some things to sell there. Anyway the first one is supposed to be for my pantry, and can also work as a bit of a test for future Craft Fayre ones.....
Well I used a rather heavy upholstery fabric, very firm elastic and thin rope, and although I love the result it was hard hard work and I won't use fabric this thick for any I make to sell for charity that's for sure!
My wrists are aching from pulling the elastic and rope through the thick casings. next time I will use a thinner, but still sturdy fabric. The tutorial is good though and i would recommend it.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Culotte slip

Black silky culotte slip, adapted from a Burda PJ pant pattern and great for wearing under skirt in the summer.
This is a mystery fabric - probably viscose (rayon) perhaps silk - and absolutely lovely to wear.
I am planning to take this with me on holiday to wear under my travel skirt.

Monday, 14 April 2014

SWAP completed

I am really pleased that I have finally finished the SWAP. The last two garments were hard to get started, but enjoyable once I got going.

The SWAP rules say this about the photos , though no dates have yet been given for submission, I am guessing about a week after the end of sewing time on 30th April.
You'll need to take a minimum of six photos, maximum 12 will be accepted. Please keep a copy of all images you upload on your hard drive in case SG's server fails or something is accidentally deleted.

The photos may be on you, on a dress form or any other way which shows them well.

You should show how you plan to combine tops and bottoms, and together should show everything. You’ll probably need to photograph some bottoms more than once.

Composites will be allowed, but only if they show details of the same outfit, e.g. a back view, a close up or the “before” photo if you are recycling. You may not show two different outfits on the same photo; such photos won’t be posted!

A single photo showing all the items together will be allowed but not required.

Please number your photos and then add a brief note to describe each one and when you plan to wear it, e.g. 1) Pink cotton Jalie top with khaki  poly/cotton BWOF pants; weekend shopping.
 So I am planning to wear my SWAP pieces and get photos taken of them in action. I will share them here as I know many people are a little frustrated with the hanger shots.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Vogue 2989 Charcoal Grey Skirt completed

The Vogue 2989 Charcoal grey ponte skirt is completed.
I have lengthened it by 6", by adding a strip of tissue paper above the pleat detail (this is where the lengthen shorten lines are marked). This allows it to fall gracefully below the knee, more flattering on my figure.
I am really pleased with this skirt, which completes my SWAP.
 Vogue's line drawing (above) and model photo (below).
Here's the final collection.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Vogue 2989 Black Dress Completed

The black ponte dress from Vogue 2989 is completed.
My alterations are
add 3.5" to the hem to come just below the knee
forward head and high round back alteration to both fronts and the back, and all the facing pieces.
Cut the pleated overlay with a curved hem as short of fabric
slightly shorten the sleeves as using 1/2" coverhem finish
16 upper bodice moving to an 18 at the waist.
Did not use the back zip. Added a 6" long centre back slit for walking ease.
This is great on, sophisticated yet comfortable, and the neckline shaping stops a wool jacket from touching the neck of the wearer.

here's the Vogue versions (in a smaller size!)
I am really pleased with this and it will be useful in my work wardrobe.

Here's what the collection looks like now
Those ivory tops are already proving very useful in the wardrobe.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

SWAP Collection so far (2 items to go)

Here is the SWAP collection so far
The black ponte knit dress from Vogue 2989 is cut out and I am starting to sew it.
Then I will make the charcoal grey skirt also from this pattern, and the collection will be complete!

Vogue 2989 Ivory Top Completed

 My version of Vogue 2989. To avoid the top layer (which is cut on the bias) fighting with the lower layer (which is on the straight grain) I did not hem them together as per the instructions, instead I curved the lower edge of the outer layer, so it was more of an overlay. You can see the line drawing below.

Overall I am quite pleased with it, although the collar does not sit on me like it does on the model. It does look stunning with a chunky necklace - I was trying it with chunky oversized pearls - but the edges of the shaped upper bit, pop out a little more like a little collar, but in a very flattering way.
Only two more SWAP garments to go, or I could do one SWAP garment and add in something purchased.

My current plans are to do two more items from Vogue 2989 - the black dress and the grey skirt.
 I will slightly curve the hem of the dress in the same way as I did with the top. I suspect it will need some length adding too.
This definitely needs lengthening, but there are pattern markings above the interesting pleats to do so.

The black wide legged trousers will probably be in May after SWAP when things are a bit calmer.