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Thursday 28 December 2023

Zipped 'Pipa' Pouches from Sewing Patterns by Masin

Earlier in the year I read this blog post


and then went and got it from

Free PDF Bag Sewing Pattern, Pouch PDF Sewing Pattern, Bag Sewing Pattern, DIY Purse Sewing Pattern — Sewing Patterns by Masin

After a good rummage in my zipper stash and quilting cotton scraps I was able to make quite a few zipped pouches in both sizes, which have mostly been given away as Christmas gifts

I have another one ready to go.....

Sunday 24 December 2023

Travel Robe

I made a lovely lightweight dressing gown (aka bath robe) in 2016 and its been great for trips, especially when staying in other people's homes with shared bathroom facilities.

I can't find it, however, so presumably left it hanging on the back of a bathroom door on some trip.

Over Christmas we are staying with multiple family members, so I thought I could use another one.

The fabric is a red and white floral print polycotton. It was quite narrow but as I had plenty I was still able to get the robe out.

I don't love it as much as my earlier one, but it'll serve the purpose nicely!

Saturday 23 December 2023

Christmas Shirt

I made myself a special shirt to wear for Christmas events. It's made from 8 different Christmas themed fabrics, 2 which I bought this year but the others all came from Auntie Joy's stash.

The back is a green Christmas tree print.
The buttons alternate between red and green to reflect the mixed nature of the shirt. The shirt buttons all the way up, but I'll probably always wear it with the top two buttons undone.

I was careful when cutting out to flip the pattern pieces over to get a left and right for the fronts and sleeves.

One cute scrap was perfect for the cuffs, and I echoed the heart detail with heart buttons.

The pattern is Prima March 2020 cut off to blouse length. I've also added a continuous placket for the opening rather than using the sleeve seam.

Monday 18 December 2023

Cheering up a grey day

Cheering up a grey day with some dopamine dressing, yes it's another polo neck top (turtleneck).

The fabric was from a closing down sale of a UK based online fabric store at the end of last year. It's a lovely quality viscose jersey

Once again I used I used OOP New Look 6008. I've altered the sleeve for a full bicep and the back piece for a high round back. 

Thursday 14 December 2023

Wheat print jersey dress

This is another dress for C, from the same flared skirt pattern.

I cut the back and back skirt on the fold and added side pockets. The sleeves are elbow length.

The jersey is quite weighty and has vertical stretch as well as horizontal, so I think we'll need to lift the waistline when she comes for fitting.

Next project is for me, a multicoloured jersey print on a taupe background. Its not even got cut out yet though so may be a while before that appears.

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Sylvia's UFO finally finished after 41 years

The finished UFO

At the end of August  I was over at my older friends place helping pack the kitchen up before the new one gets installed.

I was wearing one of my self sewn blouses. "That's a lovely blouse" says Sylvia, "Oh thank you!" I reply "I made it myself".

"Ah" says Sylvia "that reminds me I have a blouse in a similar style I cut out about 30 years ago...."

the "kit"

Long story about cutting out blouse, then broken sewing machine, eventually getting sewing machine fixed, couldn't find blouse bits etc. Anyway short version is I've brought the blouse home to sew up for her before Christmas!

Closeup of fabric

Happily its all there

Already cut out  - Front, back, sleeve, yokes, 2 part collar and cuffs - still with tissue pinned on

Also pattern envelope and instructions and the spare fabric, as well as matching buttons.

So it really is a kit for a blouse. All I needed to provide is some matching thread, some interfacing and then 'just' sew it up!


A few months passed, I didn't really have any matching thread and procrastinated a bit, Sylvia found me a few spools of thread one of which worked perfectly. 

The fabric turned out to be Viyella and frayed very badly with any handling so I was very careful when sewing up.

I threaded the overlocker in a neutral beige which was OK to stop fraying.

I spent the last few days carefully sewing it up, and am pleased and astonished to find it fits. No photo though of Sylvia wearing it.

Having had more of a think, Sylvia reckons she bought the fabric in 1982 when she couldn't find a cream bluse that she liked.

the back

the shank buttons

trying to sew the curved cuff neatly.

Sylvia came this evening and was delighted with the blouse, so a happy ending to the story!

Saturday 9 December 2023

Gingerbread man dress


I've just finished this Christmas dress for my young friend C.

It features the most delightful gingerbread men.

As on several occasions, I used the version of Simplicity 9473 which we've extensively altered to fit her.

The fabric is still available at pound fabrics and was lovely to work with!

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Style Arc Parker coatigan


Here's the Style Arc Parker Coat, made more like a coatigan in a very soft ponte. I think it would keep the shape better in a firmer fabric.

I was slightly short of fabric so omitted the back slip and hip seam and cut the upper front and back as long as the fabric allowed.

Thursday 30 November 2023

Robin print dress

This is another dress for my lovely young friend C - its a Robin print cotton fabric made up in a version of the dress from Simplicity 9473.

The fabric was narrow so I split the skirt front into 3, a centre panel and 2 side front panels, I left the back as two panels. This allowed me to have the robins the right way up throughout the dress.

I also added inseam side pockets.

Monday 27 November 2023

Keeping warm

 In another polo neck  (turtleneck)

Once again I used I used OOP New Look 6008. I've altered the sleeve for a full bicep and the back piece for a high round back. 

This is a plain single knit jersey with only crossways stretch. It was a bit prone to rolling, and I had to snip into the seam allowance to get the sleeve heads in.
It should be a nice nod to the festive season whilst staying warm and comfortable.
I bought the fabric from MyFabricPlace which is fairly local to me.
It looks to still be in stock at £3 per metre.

Another in the same pattern, this one had an unusual black print on the fabric remnant.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Sparkling party dress

 This is a sparkling party dress for my young friend C.

The fabric is a black knit which is also micro pleated and covered in silver sparkles. (Bought several years ago from a local physical shop)

The bodice is the Style Arc Molly knit top, shortened to waist length and with 3/4 length sleeves.

The skirt is from Simplicity 9473. I've also added inseam pockets in the skirt.

When she comes for try-on we may add some narrow elastic into the waist seam to pull it in a little.

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Aqua print top

I used a pretty print for this neck polo neck (turtleneck) top.

I'm not sure if it is supposed to be feathers, leavers or just abstract, but it has a nature inspired feel to it.

Once again I used the long sleeved collared top from OOP New Look 6008. I've altered the sleeve for a full bicep and the back piece for a high round back. 

I have some sewing to do for other people, so I'd better get the sewing room tidied up and different thread on the machines!

Sunday 19 November 2023

More Aqua pieces

I kept the same overlocking thread cones on the machine as for the blouse, but changed up the sewing machine thread and coverhem threads for these pieces. Sewing knits can be quite quick and I was short of suitable winter tops in this colour which is great for me.

This picture of them all together shows the subtle variations in the colours

This is the lightest coloured fabric, it has little stretch though so hopefully OK to wear.

This is shirt at the bottom of the pile, its a lovely fabric with nice drape and stretch so should be lovely to wear

This is the joggers, which if I have a suitable top could be great for Pilates (not sure I'd wear a polo neck/turtleneck to class!)

This is the tie dye fabric in a top. I used all but tiny scraps of this fabric

For the top I used OOP New Look 6008. I've altered the sleeve for a full bicep and the back piece for a high round back. 

The joggers are the Monsal Lounge Pants by Wendy Ward (From her book "Beginners Guide to sewing with Knits).

I still have Aqua on the overlocker, so I may stick with this colourway for a bit!