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Sunday 19 November 2023

More Aqua pieces

I kept the same overlocking thread cones on the machine as for the blouse, but changed up the sewing machine thread and coverhem threads for these pieces. Sewing knits can be quite quick and I was short of suitable winter tops in this colour which is great for me.

This picture of them all together shows the subtle variations in the colours

This is the lightest coloured fabric, it has little stretch though so hopefully OK to wear.

This is shirt at the bottom of the pile, its a lovely fabric with nice drape and stretch so should be lovely to wear

This is the joggers, which if I have a suitable top could be great for Pilates (not sure I'd wear a polo neck/turtleneck to class!)

This is the tie dye fabric in a top. I used all but tiny scraps of this fabric

For the top I used OOP New Look 6008. I've altered the sleeve for a full bicep and the back piece for a high round back. 

The joggers are the Monsal Lounge Pants by Wendy Ward (From her book "Beginners Guide to sewing with Knits).

I still have Aqua on the overlocker, so I may stick with this colourway for a bit!

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