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Friday 27 September 2019

Sofa Throw to Coatigan Refashion (Purple Marshmallow Worms!)

I had bought a sofa throw from Dunelm last year. Its basically a small knitted blanket (130cm x 180cm) from very chunky acrylic yarn.
I thought it would make a good cardigan/coatigan, so cut it out making use of the prefinished edges and the cables as much as I could.
The fronts are cut from the side and bottom of the throw using 2 finished edges. The collar is joined onto the front, and has a seam at the back neck.
The back is cut from the other end (so the cables run the other way). One sleeve is cut from each end, so one has the cable running the opposite way.

I don't knit so this is a way to get something which looks knitted by using a throw (or sweater knit yardage).
I've used this approach before but have to say this was the hardest to sew, rather like sewing purple marshmallow worms. It was very thick, the loops got caught on the presser foot and I had to be constantly vigilant to ensure I'd caught all the cut ends in.
I had a much wider seam allowance than usual, sewing first on the sewing machine with a lengthened stitch and then on the overlocker to secure everything.
The overlocker catchment bag is full of purple marshmallow worm casts and bits are in several places around the house.
Once I tried it on, I then wore it for the rest of the evening, I love the final result, it is very warm and snuggly. Perhaps not all that surprising given its basically made from a blanket!

Note re pattern - I don't really have a proper pattern for this, but its based on this Prima Pattern from November 2010. You could probably find something similar in Big4/Burda. Basically the front band is attached to the front and also forms the collar.
Mine is longer then the pattern here and less of a swing shape.

Thursday 26 September 2019

Simplicity 2603 Plum Cardiwrap

In the same wonderful dark purple jersey I have now made a Simplicity 2603 cardiwrap for B as an option to wear with the floral dress.
She likes to wear it as in the far left picture, with one side thrown nonchalantly over the shoulder.
(I don't make these for me anymore, having concluded that it doesn't really suit my figure all that well).

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Style Arc Molly Top

Here's the Style Arc Molly top in a dark purple (eggplant) jersey.
I've made some minor changes.
1 - widened the bicep area of the sleeve by curving the lines out and back in again.
2 - shortened the long sleeve by 2 inches, (but only taken a 1/2" hem).
3 - taken a half inch cover hemmed hem on the bottom.
4 - inadvertently made the tuck on the left!
5 - split the tuck into three smaller tucks which I then sewed together from the right side.
This was made specifically to work with the floral print skirt.
The necklace is hard to see but is a silver chain with lots of sparkly coloured dangles in pinks, greens etc which nicely pick out the accent colours in the skirt.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Purple Floral Skirt

I made a dress for my friend B from a remnant of fabric.
Someone had already cut a child's dress from the fabric plus it had faults so the scraps left after B dress were a peculiar shape.

However I loved it and was determined to cut something for myself from it.
To add to the fun it has widthways stretch and a directional print.

Here's what I managed to make!


To get a whole skirt out I had to have it only knee length. Also one pocket bag is upside down and the waistband is in 3 pieces, the joins being covered by the three belt loops.

I used the pockets, waistband and upper body of NewLook 6216 trousers
Morphed with the centre of the straight skirt from Prima June 2019
I plan to wear it in the Autumn with this Merino sweater, opaque tights and shoes/boots.
It will also hopefully extend into an Autumn 6 piece collection in the purple tones.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Wearing the McCall's 4394 Dressy coat

I earlier posted about sewing McCall's 4394.

Here I am wearing the coat, I have my hair up in a French pleat, Gabor shoes, makeup etc. Not my normal look, but felt smart for the wedding.

Thursday 12 September 2019

Dark Grey Stretch Trousers

Dark Grey Stretch Trousers (bengaline I think)

These used New Look 6216 again
I omitted the drawstring but added 5 belt loops.
They are a fairly boring basic, but I've worn the ink and sage versions a lot, so expect these to get lots of wear too.

Saturday 7 September 2019

Autumn Collection Plans

Technically Autumn doesn't start until 23rd September but 1st September onwards is often classed as Autumn, plus the weather has cooled and I've changed to a slightly warmer duvet (though not yet put the heating on) so seems practical to start planning Autumn clothing.

I'm thinking Deep Purple this year as a slight variation on the Burgundy and Berries I've done for recent years.

From EJVCs original plans
Skirt or trousers (neutral)
3 blouses/tops (1 to match, 2 to complement)
1 Layering top/cardigan (to match skirt/trousers)
Jacket (co-ordinating neutral)

Then in 2018 EJVC changed the plan slightly to
The basics of autumn:

  1. A jacket or cardigan in your neutral colour.  This layer sets the tone for the whole collection, so think it over carefully.
  2. A second lighter layering piece in either a tone of your neutral or your colour- cardigan sweater or shirt for example, or unlined jacket.  Autumn is tricky, it’s nice to have layers in two levels.
  3. Two tops – one neutral, one in the colour.
  4. Two bottoms — in two tones of your neutral.
I do try to sew 6 pieces but not always exactly as suggested.

So far I have

A dark purple merino RTW sweater.

A plain dark purple jersey. This will be a top.

Some scraps of the floral fabric from B's dress. Which might be enough for a skirt for me if I am very careful with single layer cutting.

Some dark grey stretch woven (bengaline?) this will be for trousers.

A plum coloured cable throw which will be cut up into a long coatigan.

A length of purple/various hounds tooth jacquard which will be a jacket or light coat.

It will be a lot of fun!

Sunday 1 September 2019

McCall's 4394 dressy coat completed

Burgundy brocade coat from McCall's 4394 is completed. For this version I made the pattern as is, with some slight widening in the sleeve for a full bicep and shortening the sleeve lining by 1.5" so I could turn back the detail on the sleeve cuff.
Its fully lined with a floral satin. The lining was from deep in stash, bought I am sure from the roll end shop in Warrington. The brocade was from the curtaining section at the local Economy Fabrics and the pattern was from the swap box there.
I made a size 18. Its pretty roomy for going over a short sleeved dress. I could have probably sized down but I suppose it means I can also wear it over something chunkier.

It has pockets hidden in the front princess seams, they are hidden beautifully and don't interrupt the line.
For something with simple lines it has a lot of pieces and took quite a long time to sew up. The end result is fairly elegant though.
This is my wedding guest outfit, for a wedding which is in a traditional parish church and then has the reception and evening event in a nice hotel.
For the church I'll wear the coat and look appropriate, then later I can take the coat off to reveal the lace detailing!

I bought (not sewed) the dress which I'll wear underneath. It was from the sale at DP some months ago and its not available anymore. It has lace on the shoulders and sleeves and a keyhole back. The main areas are from the more substantial plain fabric.
The purchased dress is slightly darker than the coat.
Everything will get another press before the actual day.