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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Style Arc Molly Top

Here's the Style Arc Molly top in a dark purple (eggplant) jersey.
I've made some minor changes.
1 - widened the bicep area of the sleeve by curving the lines out and back in again.
2 - shortened the long sleeve by 2 inches, (but only taken a 1/2" hem).
3 - taken a half inch cover hemmed hem on the bottom.
4 - inadvertently made the tuck on the left!
5 - split the tuck into three smaller tucks which I then sewed together from the right side.
This was made specifically to work with the floral print skirt.
The necklace is hard to see but is a silver chain with lots of sparkly coloured dangles in pinks, greens etc which nicely pick out the accent colours in the skirt.


Linda T said...

Pretty....the top as well as the whole outfit!

Audrey said...

Great work outfit. The top looks interesting, but comfortable, and goes so nicely with the fabulous floral skirt.