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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Purple Floral Skirt

I made a dress for my friend B from a remnant of fabric.
Someone had already cut a child's dress from the fabric plus it had faults so the scraps left after B dress were a peculiar shape.

However I loved it and was determined to cut something for myself from it.
To add to the fun it has widthways stretch and a directional print.

Here's what I managed to make!


To get a whole skirt out I had to have it only knee length. Also one pocket bag is upside down and the waistband is in 3 pieces, the joins being covered by the three belt loops.

I used the pockets, waistband and upper body of NewLook 6216 trousers
Morphed with the centre of the straight skirt from Prima June 2019
I plan to wear it in the Autumn with this Merino sweater, opaque tights and shoes/boots.
It will also hopefully extend into an Autumn 6 piece collection in the purple tones.

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