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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Red Frankenpattern dress


This dress is made from a red ponte fabric, using the top section of the NewLook 6735 knit top. I've lengthened the sleeves slightly and cut the top at the waistline (just folded the lower portion out of the way).

The skirt is self drafted, inspired by a friend's RTW tunic. The back is a single slightly flared panel, and the front has two side panels and a centre panel. The side panels have patch pockets which are sewn into the panel seams. The skirt is slightly gathered onto the bodice.

I planned this to be a casual dress to wear with leggings, but its come out quite nice in the ponte, so maybe it could be dressed up as well.

Monday 24 January 2022

Scrap Buster Kirsten Tee

 Kirsten Tee for my friend C, cut from scraps leftover from another project.

This is free to download from PR if you want to give it a try. It only needs about 75cm of fabric, so is a great scrapbuster

MariaDenmark 101 Kirsten Kimono Tee (patternreview.com)

Sunday 23 January 2022

Red 'Paint Splash' Tee

 Here's the latest sew, a New Look 6735 tee in a red fabric printed with white paint splashes!

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Pink knit top with contrast bands


Pink knit top from New Look 6735 again, the neckband and cuffs are in a contrast aqua and pink print fabric.

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Lucy Long Legs Rag Doll from Prima Magazine sewing pattern Jan 2007

 Lucy Long Legs Rag Doll from Prima Magazine sewing pattern Jan 2007.Started many years ago (probably 2007!)

Finished up and looks like this

I've kept this one for me and made another one for a friend

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Prima Jan 2022 Smock Blouse

This is my version of the blouse from the free pattern included with Prima January 2022. I quite like how it came out.

Here's the finished blouse from the front and side.
I played a bit with the seam allowances so my collar is a bit taller than the pattern. Overall I quite like it.

Even if you don't subscribe to the Prima magazine you can get a copy of the pattern for just £1.00 which is great. (UK only)
The chocolate and rose collection is building nicely.

Monday 10 January 2022

Brown Tweed cardigan

 This is the cardigan jacket made from Wendy Ward's Kinder Cardigan pattern

It has giant pockets
And I added a belt
My version is the mid length (not shown in the pattern photos).

This is part of my brown and pink collection which I'll be sharing as the pieces get made up. I have 3 pieces already.

The trousers were made in November and are here - Brown Hiking Trs

Sunday 9 January 2022

Pink blossom tee

 Lovely fabric, bought from the Monday Market Man in Chesterfield pre Covid.

using my altered TNT pattern New Look 6735

Friday 7 January 2022

2022 Using what I already have

I moved twice last year and it is clear how much of something you have when it gets packed into bags and boxes and stored. It turns out that I have plenty of fabric and lots of clothing.

I think that 2022 is going to be a year of using what I have. Ruth's Sewing and Craft Resource Centre is quite well stocked!

So whilst I will still sew clothing I'll probably not be doing quite so many collections / capsules / SWAPs / 6PACs every year.

I'll try to put alterations and repairs a bit higher up my list and donate wearable garments that don't work for me. I'm also going to sew some housewife pillowcases, cushion covers, slippers and other random bits and pieces.

Today's project is 

Slipper Tutorial

Which is a free pattern, but I think only in the equiv to UK size 7.5 which is a bit too big for me.

This pair is a bit of a test to learn the instructions but the brown fabric was not a good choice.

Thursday 6 January 2022

Lovely Sewing gifts from Christmas (and birthday)

 I received a few sewing related gifts this Christmas (and for my birthday which is less than a week later)

Quilting book from my friend E for my birthday

Sewing themed mug from my mum

Mug Rug from my Secret Santa at The Sewing Place forum

Lovely sewing room sign from my friend E for Christmas

Feeling very blessed to have such thoughtful gifts

Tuesday 4 January 2022

2022 - A year of pink tops?

I love that Becky of Trial Balloons made 12 'white' shirts last year.

So that's inspired me to see if I can make 10 or 12 pink tops of some sort. As well as mostly pink prints, I may include others which contain pink.

I have the first two planned already (and have for a while)

A simple knit top in this beautiful floral jersey (right) will be the first. 

Followed by a blouse in the dusty pink linen (on the left.)

The colours have come out a bit brighter than they are in reality, camera overcompensating for poor light I suspect.

Back in July 2020 I went through my fabric and dug out all the pink ones I could find

The linen is bottom right in this earlier picture (and a more realistic colour). I used the white and pink fabric in a sweater set (see below), but the others are still available to me.

(I may need to count some previously made ones)

Last year I made this desigual jersey top which has a pale pink back ground.

So that would give me 2 for starters ;-)

Monday 3 January 2022

Garment sewing in 2022

I still have two items from my Autumn Winter 3 pack to make.

Top - simple scoop necked jersey top.

Pink background fabric with lovely blossom print. Stretch in both directions.

There is just 2 metres of 150cm wide fabric which I bought locally when I lived in Chesterfield, probably from the stall on the open air market, sometime pre pandemic.

Layer - woven coatigan

This is a blanket style fabric in dark brown, a lighter brown and cream. I've already overlocked the edges and washed it, so it is ready to go. Will definitely have big pockets and be of a reasonable length.

2.1 metres of  135cm wide fabric from deep stash, so maybe another old Abakhan buy.

Sunday 2 January 2022

Christmas Tree Cushion

 I've added a simple plain cream envelope back and purchased cushion pad.

It has slightly missed the timeframe for Christmas this year :-) but I'm ready early for next year now.