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Friday 29 April 2022

Leopard print and cream jim jams

I've just used my favourite elastic waist trousers (New Look 6216) and my favourite knit top (New Look 6735) with a few alterations.

For the trousers I added inseam pockets instead of the angled pockets in the pattern as I felt they would work better in this very soft viscose knit.

The waistband has a combined elastic and drawstring waistband (using a shoelace for the drawstring part). To support this I interfaced a small part of the front of the waistband and made 2 buttonholes for the shoelace ends to come out and be tied.

For the top I sewed as per the pattern, although I added cuffs to the 3/4 sleeves in the print. Both the print (viscose knit) and the plain (cotton mini rib knit) have poor recovery so I inserted elastic into the neckband as I constructed it.

The hems are done on the twin needle on the sewing machine. Hopefully the neckline and hem will look a little better after after pressing.

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Long Janes using Burda Leggings 01/2011 #130B

I used the same fabric to make myself some Long Janes (thermal baselayer leggings) with the Burda Leggings 01/2011 #130B.

I added a bit of lace trim at the hem.

This is a one piece legging pattern with some nice shaping. I scooped the crotch to better fit my low derriere.

Monday 25 April 2022

Trio of Hyacinth Bralettes

 I've used an adapted version of the The Hyacinth FREE Bralette PDF Sewing Pattern – Ohhh Lulu (ohhhlululingerie.com) to make three peach and cream bralettes for myself.

I made a test version before these ones which came out very badly, but taught me a lot about which of my elastics I could use successfully. (No photo of that one!)

I have modified the patterns and assembly to work with my materials and body.

- first I enlarged the front by scooping it down further to give more bust coverage.

- I used wide stretch lace for the band instead of 1/2" elastic. It sits nicely for me. I stitched this on with a narrow zig zag from the wrong side.

- I used FOE for the front neckline, armholes and straps as it was a good colour match and very stretchy, plus I had loads of it!

- I did the narrow sig zag from the right side, then folded the elastic and stitched again from the right side.

- My straps are not adjustable as I was not able to source the adjusters locally

These bralettes don't give much support, but are very comfortable and being close to my skin tone won't show under light coloured summer tops.