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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

June Capsule Contest results

June Capsule Contest results as collated by Elizabeth, contest organiser

And here they are!!! Drumroll please!!!

First some stats:I received votes from 20 people, meaning more people
finished the capsule than voted (!). I'm not really surprised because everyone
said how difficult it was to choose winners, and all the capsules received at
least one vote (from someone besides themselves) in one category or another.

Self-voting did NOT influence the distribution of the prizes, although
second and third prize in one category would have changed places, as votes were
close. I didn't vote in case you are wondering.

Therefore, congratulations to all of you, you are all winners and other
people like your work! Also you should ALL have received a message from Ms Fine
Fabrics for your 10 dollar gift certificate to her shop! Thank you, Ms Fine
Fabrics, on behalf of all the participants!

Now, on to the winners!

BEST ACCESSORY: -- a battle of the Titans, but it came out as

First prize and a 20 dollar gift certificate to Gorgeous Fabrics goes to
ANN ROWLEY for her embroidered bag

Second prize and many congratulations to Tumblina for her amazing crocheted

Third prize and much admiration from the voters to MaryPat for her lovely

BEST GARMENT: -- votes distributed far and wide! An exciting contest!
Thrills galore!

The winners are:

First prize and a 20 dollar gift certificate to Gorgeous Fabrics to ANN
ROWLEY for her sweater!

Second prize and warm congratulations to Jafael for her handkerchief

Third prize and oohs and aahs to KayB for her gorgeous jacket!

and finally...BEST CAPSULE: -- great competition here!

Grand prize, a 50 dollar gift certificate from Gorgeous fabrics and 50
dollars from yours truly to ANN ROWLEY for "Simple Summer Sewing"

Second prize with huge congratulations to RuthieK
for "Sophisticated Safari"

Third prize, thrills and admiration to KayB for "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

CONGRATULATIONS ANN ROWLEY by popular vote the winner of all three
categories!!!Many many congratulations to all of you, it's been a lovely contest
and I was awarded 100 votes by Robin so I WIN TOO!Thank you again to our
sponsors at Gorgeous Fabrics and Fine Fabrics.Elizabeth