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Monday, 8 September 2014

Lovely tweed for an Autumn jacket

I bought the last 1.5metres of this beautiful fabric from the Monday Market Man at lunchtime today.
 I've been looking for something for a while to make a simple smart jacket to wear with these purchased tan wool trousers.
 This has exactly the right colour woven into the ivory and pale aqua background along with lots of other beautiful colours. Hopefully I will be able to tackle this project once I have moved to the new house.
I have absolutely no idea what the fabric content is, but it is so very pretty and quite an open weave. It was £4 a metre which is the upper end :-)
This Autumn I want to sew a very simple jacket in this beautiful fabric, which I will then wear with my existing purchased mint green classic pintucked blouse and tan wool lined trousers.
And in even happier news it also blends beautifully with my lovely (but hard to wear) silk scarf!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

How to use scraps for other garments: some ideas

Here are some ideas of how you can use leftover fabric from one project to make another garment.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Ottobre Design Woman Autumn/Winter 5/2014

I saw Ottobre Design Woman Autumn/Winter 5/2014 was in my local WHSmith's today so I bought it, though I did hesitate slightly when I saw the £8.50 price sticker.
I think that probably works out as slightly more expensive than buying it in Euros since 2 issues is Euro 17.95 incl postage, but you'd have to wait a few days for it to arrive.

The item I like the most and could see me sewing is Number 9 which they call Everyday Luxe wool jersey hoodie, though I am imagining it in a printed fleece that's been in the stash for a long time.
I'd need to work out my base size and alterations though since I can see a few alterations for the forward head/high round back issues will be needed to get a good fit.

I have one or two Ottobre magazines but have not sewn anything from them, so am not really sure of the sizing, so I shall go with honest measurements and see how I get on.
I seem to be a size 46, which is a slight ouch, but better to have the clothes fit correctl. How do others find the sizing?

On the Ottobre Blog they show an amzing bodyshaper slip, which looks brilliant, and definitely something to use that skintone jersey for.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fabric for Vogue 2989 Jacket

I have a plan to make all of the items from Vogue 2989 in fabrics and colours similar to the envelope.
So far I have an ivory top, grey skirt and black dress. I bought this to make the jacket.
The back shows the black stretch mesh which the boucle grey is knitted into somehow. There are little gaps between the stitches but I'm not going to line it.
The jacket on the model looks like this
And here's the line drawing
 You need to imagine it stretched out to a size 16 :-)