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Friday, 5 September 2014

Ottobre Design Woman Autumn/Winter 5/2014

I saw Ottobre Design Woman Autumn/Winter 5/2014 was in my local WHSmith's today so I bought it, though I did hesitate slightly when I saw the £8.50 price sticker.
I think that probably works out as slightly more expensive than buying it in Euros since 2 issues is Euro 17.95 incl postage, but you'd have to wait a few days for it to arrive.

The item I like the most and could see me sewing is Number 9 which they call Everyday Luxe wool jersey hoodie, though I am imagining it in a printed fleece that's been in the stash for a long time.
I'd need to work out my base size and alterations though since I can see a few alterations for the forward head/high round back issues will be needed to get a good fit.

I have one or two Ottobre magazines but have not sewn anything from them, so am not really sure of the sizing, so I shall go with honest measurements and see how I get on.
I seem to be a size 46, which is a slight ouch, but better to have the clothes fit correctl. How do others find the sizing?

On the Ottobre Blog they show an amzing bodyshaper slip, which looks brilliant, and definitely something to use that skintone jersey for.


Sigrid said...

I've sewn a few Ottobre patterns and find them very true to size. Don't worry about a number, it's only that, a number. Will check the magazine stand tomorrow when shopping for this issue.

Jennifer C said...

I find Ottobre to have a lot of ease. Everything I've sewn has come out far too big even though I pick my sizing based on my usual size.

kbenco said...

I've not made many Ottobre, things, but this one caught my eye too.
The sizing is spot on, but remember the Ottobre sizing is for a 168cm tall person - I had to shorten everything!

SewRuthie said...

That's 5'6" and a bit, and I'm only 5'5" and a bit, so shouldn't need to shorten them too much.

Jenni said...

The top you plan looks great for fleece. Why not try flat measuring to compare to the body measurements they give in the size chart, then compare to your measurements. You would see how much ease they designed in... if you want less, you can go down a size. I love the body shaper. I think that would be a eeally useful pattern. I have not noticed a pattern for one before anywhere.

Elaine Day said...

This looks great! 
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