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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ivory Cami

I've avoided creating a small remnant I then would want to store by immediately making it into this little cami.
I have a simple self drafted pattern which I coverhem and then add straps.

Friday, 26 April 2013

SWAP Ivory Knit Top

Made from the usual pattern, here is an ivory marl version. The fabric was a tube of mystery knit, and I managed to also squeeze of a little cami top as well. That still needs the straps attaching so I will show you that another day when it is done.
The unknown knit is quite beefy and has a slightly waffled weave one side and a smooth finish the other. I decided the smooth finish was the right side and have used it that way out.

I've revised the SWAP plan a little but now and it looks like this.
all blue, green, ivory tones. Next up a bright Spring Green top!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Me Made May?

Hello sewing world, can anyone point me to the 'Me Made May' source page and explain what the rules are?
Since my job is a suity office type one, and I mostly sew knits I definitely can't wear entirely Ruthie made stuff. However I was wondering if you can qualify even if you only wear one 'me made' thing like a cami or even earrings?

I am planning to use the jacket in New Look 6082
to sew up some simple suiting jackets, and instantly have suits by using the leftover fabric from when I made trousers. I can definitely do this with some navy pinstripe, some dark brown self stripe and a charcoal with teal stripes. I wear the trousers quite a bit with non matching wool jackets, except for the dark brown which doesn't seem to work with any existing jackets.
That'd give me three Ruthie made suits. I can also do the knit dress and jacket approach and wear some of my handmade bead jewellery.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Great British Sewing Bee

I have been hooked to my TV on Tuesday evenings for the last 4 weeks rivetted by the Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2. What a fantastic programme.
If you are in the UK, you can watch on iplayer, if you are overseas you can probably find the episodes on Utube somewhere.

If you are a UK viewer who has been inspired to sew you can come and meet the lovely Ann over on Stitchers Guild Sewing Forum. You can also learn lots about sewing, get tips, support, share your projects etc.

If you are a super keen sewer already you can even apply to be on the next series, (woo hoo there's going to be a next series!!!!).

Overall I have really enjoyed seeing the skills and creativity of all of the participants, and anticipate the interest and boost this is going to give to the hobby of sewing across the country.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

New Look 6082 Skirt

Also in the teal knit I have made up a (slightly lengthened) version of the A line skirt.
 The hem is level, I just seem to have taken the photo at a slight angle
Only one more top and SWAP will be complete.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Look 6082 Jacket Completed

I sewed up the New Look 6082 jacket today, so now have a jacket for the SWAP. Yay!!!
The colour has come up a little brighter in the flash than reality, but you can see (hopefully) that its the short jacket from the pattern (see previous post). I have also cut out the belt, though will probably use a brooch to fasten it, though it's good to have all the options available.

The fit is quite good, though it could nip in more at the centre back waist.
It works very well with the knit print dress, and as it is quite dark, still works with the red knit top and checked skirt.
So quite good progress I think, both on SWAP and on jacket fitting. I would quite happily use this jacket pattern to make some simple unlined jackets to match already sewn up trousers!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

SWAP Jacket and Skirt: New Look 6082

I have laid out the roughtcut pieces of jacket and skirt of NewLook 6082 on the dark teal green knit and it looks like it is going to be enough for both, so I need to trim the pieces properly and alter the upper front, upper back and neck band for my forward head.
On this pattern that'll mean taking a wedge out of the front neckline between bust and shoulder that tapers to nothing at the armhole and adding same on the back. Makes for some wierd looking pieces (and makes the back longer than the front) but they do then fit me.
Then I shall cut out out and get sewing up.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

SWAP Plans

I bought matching green thread for my spring green tops, found some dark teal green wool jersey which might make a nice unlined jacket and have cut out my dark teal green cord skirt.
This would allow me to replace the purchased jacket with the dark teal green wool one, though I'm not sure how the dark green jacket would play with a red knit top, if it doesn't work, another new knit top might be needed.
So I suspect in the interests of time, I need to make the tops, then the skirt, and only then cut into the dark teal green wool.
I will have a bit of sewing time this weekend, so need to make the most of it since April is ticking away.

Will the red top survive?
Will I manage to sew the dark teal green jacket?

Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Dress & new SWAP Plan

Despite there still being snow on the ground its officially spring and we've now moved over to British Summer Time. This inspired me to sew up a little tee shirt dress in a fun leaf print in shades of purple, teal blue and emerald green.
This uses my old favourite New Look 6735 lengthened into a dress and with little cap sleeves. Should be great in the summer to throw on with sandals and be comfortable.
I wanted to use my new skirt in SWAP since I discovered it is a dark navy (and not black), so worked the plan hard using a purchased item - this denim blazer.
This then makes the rejuggled SWAP plan look like this, only needing two knit tops and a skirt to complete, so completely doable before the end of April.