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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Great British Sewing Bee

I have been hooked to my TV on Tuesday evenings for the last 4 weeks rivetted by the Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2. What a fantastic programme.
If you are in the UK, you can watch on iplayer, if you are overseas you can probably find the episodes on Utube somewhere.

If you are a UK viewer who has been inspired to sew you can come and meet the lovely Ann over on Stitchers Guild Sewing Forum. You can also learn lots about sewing, get tips, support, share your projects etc.

If you are a super keen sewer already you can even apply to be on the next series, (woo hoo there's going to be a next series!!!!).

Overall I have really enjoyed seeing the skills and creativity of all of the participants, and anticipate the interest and boost this is going to give to the hobby of sewing across the country.

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Sharon said...

Even here in Australia we are enjoying this show thank you YouTube and I'm so glad there is a next series in the planning. And the winner :)