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Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Look 6082 Jacket Completed

I sewed up the New Look 6082 jacket today, so now have a jacket for the SWAP. Yay!!!
The colour has come up a little brighter in the flash than reality, but you can see (hopefully) that its the short jacket from the pattern (see previous post). I have also cut out the belt, though will probably use a brooch to fasten it, though it's good to have all the options available.

The fit is quite good, though it could nip in more at the centre back waist.
It works very well with the knit print dress, and as it is quite dark, still works with the red knit top and checked skirt.
So quite good progress I think, both on SWAP and on jacket fitting. I would quite happily use this jacket pattern to make some simple unlined jackets to match already sewn up trousers!


Sharon said...

Looks like you are happy with your first jacket, congratulations and I look forward to seeing it on you.

L said...

Lookin' good Ruthie! As with Sharon, I am also looking forward to seeing your final photos.

Jenni said...

very nice. congratulations on making a jacket. I know you've been keen to scale that particular mountain for a while. Well done, its a lovely jacket.