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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Inspired by the Sea is finished

'Inspired by the Sea' is finished and here are the last two photos (hanger shots) to show it.
This is all well and good, but I think I have to show a composite photo, and perhaps I have to show me wearing them? Anyway hopefully I will manage that tomorrow lunchtime or something as I have a haircut in the evening.

Pictures are the teal cord trousers and the navy top with hand applied flowers (sewn individually round the edges of each blooming petal!)

Simplicity 2603 Misses Knit Top

Here's the nearly finished band neck gathered front top also from Simplicity 2603.
Their version is sleeveless, but I have plugged the sleeves in from the cardigan. - I cut the cardigan sleeves slightly wider, to try to make them work together, but we'll have to see how it works out in reality.

I am planning to sew turquoise braid flowers to the neckline as an embelishment, but it depends how much time I have left it that actually happens.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Simplicity 2603 Misses Knit Top and Cardi-Wrap,

I've just finished the Simplicity cardi-wrap (aka cosy) in navy blue.
I used fabric from the stash which is quite stretchy, smooth one side and had tiny loops on the other - I think this might be french terry but am not sure. Because of the loops this does fray so I have serged all the edges. My navy serger thread was slightly lighter so it does show which I don't think is great.
The only change I made was to cut the sleeves longer, and then turn up the extra to make faux cuffs. Its a nice neat finish to the sleeves.

Because it is a heavier fabric than ideal its quite bulky when used for some of the options, but it does work nicely and I am reasonably happy with it.
I am going to make the scoop neck top from this pattern as well in the same fabric.

Burda 10-2008-132 Stripe Pant

Here are the Burda pinstripe trousers. They have come out nicely and I am pleased with them. Navy blue pinstripe is never going to have a 'Speaking' role in an outfit, its always going to be a non speaking role, but these are the items which come through the wash over and over and are worn with all kinds of tops, so I hope they will be very useful in the wardrobe.

They are all done bar the hem, which I will do in a mega hemming session later today. Now for some more tops.

Wardrobe Contest - final items cut out

I cut out the final items for the wardrobe contest and fused all the facing pieces ready to start construction this afternoon.
The corduroy trousers have a contrast floral cotton facing, since I thought cord would be too bulky. I've not had any 'cords' for years, but like the idea of them as a softer alternative to jeans for casual wear.

I had a dental implant yesterday to replace a tooth I lost as a child in an accident, so am feeling a bit sorry for myself, and eating only soft food. I am already thoroughly bored of soup, soya yoghurt and luke warm tea, and have branched out to egg mayo and hoping to work up to pasta with smooth sauce later.

Anyway hopefully I can get really into the sewing and forget about the sore mouth.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Finalised plans

I am back from my trip, and managed this evening to cut out the Simplicity long cardi wrap and also the matching scoop neck top (with added sleeves) from the navy knit.
This was from so deep in the stash it really does have to count as being F*R*E*E by now. I have no recollection of where or when I bought it though.

I also decided what my other two pieces are going to be
- straight leg teal cord trousers in Simplicity 4638
- wide leg navy blue pinstripe trousers from Burda WOF 10-2008-132
(these are both very simple patterns with a waist facing and side zip which will be relatively simple to sew up)

To reduce my stress on the last day of the contest I have already written WIP review stubs on PR and linked them all to my master review. So when they are all sewn I only need to take photos, upload the photos and finalise the text, and then publish the reviews.

Another nice thing is that my Burda Style magazine arrived whilst I was away though I have only had a quick look so far.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Next project - Navy Simplicity 2603 Misses Knit Top and Cardi-Wrap

Simplicity 2603 Misses Knit Top and Cardi-Wrap

Not sure where the evening went to be honest. I got out my next project but decided it was too late to start cutting something so complicated (in layout at least if not construction).
However I established that my piece of navy knit from stash is 180cm wide (extra wide for some reason) and 3 metres long which is plenty for the long cosy but still needs the single layer layout. No idea where I shall cut out, I guess my usual space - a cardboard cutting board laid on a double bed - and I shall just have to keep moving the fabric to do each piece.
Hopefully there will be enough fabric over to also make a long sleeved version of the very cute knit top with a scooped neck which is also included in this pattern.
Hopefully cutting out will start Thursday evening when I get back from my work trip.

Monday, 23 November 2009

New Look 6757 nearly done

New Look 6757 are nearly completed. They need a press and the trouser legs need hemming to the right length but the whole facing/waistband/belt loops assembly is done, and the invisible zip has gone in nicely too.
I decided not to try to finish these tonight (which is always tempting) because its when you are tired that you make those stupid errors which completely ruin a project!

I made both the front and back waistbands slightly shorter and eased them to the trouser legs.
When I was constructing I attached the waistband main pieces to the front and back separately, tacked the side seam, tried on, before sewing the side seams permanently and putting the zip in.
This takes a bit longer but does mean the trousers have a chance to fit :D

I heard today that I need to go away with work for 2 days this week, which is all very well, except I lose 2 evenings sewing the wardrobe which was already super tight anyway (sigh), and I have major dental work on Friday which is likely to leave me very sorry for myself for several days afterwards.

I think it is safe to presume that I will press and hem these trousers tomorrow night (but not much more as I have baking to do), I then have a weekend and Monday night to do all the other pieces which is frankly not a lot of time to make two more bottoms and two more tops.

I am therefore thinking about throwing in one or two super easy pieces right at the end if needs must as it would be frustrating to get so close and fall at the final hurdle.
However I might decide that it has me beaten, we shall see!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Inspired by the sea: Trousers

Continuing my 'Inspired by the Sea' wardrobe, I have chosen to make New Look 6757 in a trouser weight navy herringbone fabric of unknown composition, though I am thinking quite a lot of poly + something else (maybe viscose/rayon?).

Anyway tonight I cut out (and slightly altered) the pattern, cut out the fabric and started sewing the trousers. Quite a long way to go yet, but I think you can get a bit of an idea what they might look like when they are done.

To keep on schedule I need to finish these tomorrow evening, but I think that is do-able.

Away for the Show

I have been away for a few days to go to the Knitting and Stitching Show with Yorkshire Lass. We had a fabulous weekend talking about sewing and buying sewing related stuff - fabric, patterns, sewing books, notions and wool (Jenni who also knits clever girl).

I had put some money aside, and di not really exceed my budget, so I am pretty pleased with all my goodies. I really need to sew from the expanded stash now. :D

Pictures show

Top: all the bags we carried back from the show (up a hill to the place the car was parked)

Middle: The bags unpacked, my stuff on left, YL's on the right.

Bottom: Closer shot of my goodies :D

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

PR Wardrobe Contest: Update

Well its the 18 November. I'm about to go away for 4 days and I am still only half way there.

The contest finishes on 30 November and needs to have:-
Total pieces required: 10
4 bottoms
5 tops
1 topper
All tops must go with all bottoms, and the topper must go with all outfits.
Minimum of one print fabric must be incorporated.

Of that I have made 1 bottom, so 3 still outstanding, these will be trousers from a TNT pattern.
5 tops, I have made 3, so want to do two more, a print top and a navy top which can be a wrap or an over layer.
1 topper - lined jacket completed.

Looks like I have about 8 days to sew those 5 pieces, write reviews for them and take photos. Must check if I have to model them all as that's tough to do, as it takes extra time to mess about with the timer and tripod. Weather is terrible so all indoor shots I think.

However I am up to date with the current reviews already and have written a master review for the links to go in and entered it already into the contest.
(I am always gutted for those people who write the summary at the last minute and don't get it in on time, I guess they don't know you can do a stub and edit it later.)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Stuff finished

Jacket with buttons and skirt with waistband/facing thingy. Been a productive few days which I am jolly pleased about. I have really enjoyed the sewing these last two weeks, it has been a great creative outlet and de-stressor.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Simplicity 9825 started

I have made good progress on Simplicity 9825 made from dark navy stretch denim.
It hit at a slightly unflattering length so I added a band at the bottom with a torn edge (I have stitched 1/4" from the edge so it can fray a bit more but not too much.
Tomorrow I will add the facing and it will be completed.
I like it especially with navy stretch knee boots and the teal jacket.

Buttonholes done + moved on to navy

The buttonholes are done on the teal wool jacket. The fray check is drying, and I only need to hand sew the buttons on and give the jacket a final press and its completely done.

I must admit I am kind of glad to see the back of teal thread for now, and it shows how sad I am that I was pleased to rethread the machines in - wait for it - navy blue.

In a break from the usual, I am sewing a pencil skirt from Simplicity 9825. The reasons are twofold, one to see if I can wear a pencil skirt instead of the more flowing styles I normally go for which are comfortable, but admittedly can be frumpy and the other purely a practical one, that this was fairly short yardage and too short for trousers so a pencil skirt it is.
I am using stretch navy denim and I am constructing the front and back separately and then sewing up the sides so I can tweak the fit a little. Usually I have a gap at the back waist even if a garment fits everywhere else, so I will probably have to alter here unless I have the skirt riding very low on the hips.

I am making view B without the pockets.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

PR Wardrobe Contest

Ahhhhh (hits self on forehead) just noticed that the PR Wardrobe Contest rules say

Total pieces required: 10
  • 4 bottoms
  • 5 tops
  • 1 topper
  • and
  • All tops must go with all bottoms, and the topper must go with all outfits.
  • Minimum of one print fabric must be incorporated.

  • This is good as it means having done 3 tops and a jacket, I only need to do 4 bottoms and another 2 tops (not another 3 tops like in classic SWAP). That's great I have 1 top cut out (in a print) and another one planned (in a plain) but not cut out. Plus loads of bottoms planned.


    Sadly the machine was making a bad noise when sewing fast, so I unscrewed a few bits and added machine oil. But I've not put things back quite right, and now an additional clunking noise has been added to the mix. Boo hoo.
    I have taken the bits off again and left it for the night, perhaps if I find the manual and read it (I know revolutionary) I might be able to work out what it needs to have done. And if not it will need a trip to the sewing machine hospital and I will have to use the backup machine - a basic Toyota mechanical which I do not love.

    Sooooo the jacket might have to have snaps (aka press studs) and I guess I will use the time to cut out, unless machine repair inspiration strikes.

    Jacket finished except buttons

    Here's the completed teal wool jacket. Well I say completed but I still need to decide on a button to close the front between the pockets.
    I have several options including silvertone, goldtone and making a fabric covered button.
    I am currently leaning towards the fabric covered button as I think that's most in keeping with the garment.

    In this shot I have the velvet cowl neck top under the jacket and the shawl collar folded down - the collar can also be worn folded up if extra neck warmth is needed.

    Saturday, 14 November 2009

    Teal jacket now with lining

    The teal wool jacket now has pockets and a lining which is at least mostly attached.

    I still need to trim the seam allowances, do the sleeves hems, topstitch, buttonhole and button etc, but I think you can see that quite a bit of progress has been made.

    Hopefully this will be completed tomorrow and then I can start on the white and teal print knit top.

    Tomorrow we will be half way through the month, though I am not sure that three tops and one jacket is far enough through, since I need six tops, a jacket and four bottoms to have a completed wardrobe.

    Its at this point I am wondering if trying to sew a whole SWAP in a month was too ambitious.....

    East Clothing Again

    I recently discovered East Clothing and really liked the way they put their looks together.

    I don't dress like this in a lot of real life though, so need to see how I can make changes in that direction.