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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Wardrobe Contest - final items cut out

I cut out the final items for the wardrobe contest and fused all the facing pieces ready to start construction this afternoon.
The corduroy trousers have a contrast floral cotton facing, since I thought cord would be too bulky. I've not had any 'cords' for years, but like the idea of them as a softer alternative to jeans for casual wear.

I had a dental implant yesterday to replace a tooth I lost as a child in an accident, so am feeling a bit sorry for myself, and eating only soft food. I am already thoroughly bored of soup, soya yoghurt and luke warm tea, and have branched out to egg mayo and hoping to work up to pasta with smooth sauce later.

Anyway hopefully I can get really into the sewing and forget about the sore mouth.

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