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Saturday, 14 November 2009

East Clothing Again

I recently discovered East Clothing and really liked the way they put their looks together.

I don't dress like this in a lot of real life though, so need to see how I can make changes in that direction.


Jen said...

Gorgeous looks Ruthie...yes I wish I could dress like that too.

Unknown said...

I think this type of clothing is not a far stretch for you, Ruthie. What I am seeing is some basic pants, printed skirts, and colorful tops, and use of a few bold accessories such as a chunky necklace or printed scarf. I think the silhouettes are pretty similar to outfits you have made. The colors remind me of your swap from 2 years ago: http://ruthieksews.blogspot.com/2007/06/some-other-wardrobe-pics.html The accessories remind me of this necklace you wore: http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/readreview.pl?readreview=1&reviewnum=34972 I think a similar look is totally attainable for you - you might even be able to mix and match some pieces you already have.

kiltsnquilts said...

I love their style too - thanks for the link, will bookmark it and print off some pics for inspiration! love the spot skirt, also like the stripe cardi with the spot scarf.

Jenni said...

I don't think the inspiration pieces you show are that far from what you already have in terms of silhouettes for bottoms and some of the tops are very similar to things you have made, but in different prints than you would usually choose. The skirt with the flounce bottom is a nice look for you I think. The key thing is the jacket/top layer, which is rather different to what you normally make. The olivey colour long wrap cardigan in particular leapt out at me and said Ruth. I think it is very smart and completely office appropriate but still very very you. The pieces are all very mix and match, again very you, and making it easy to dress in the morning in a colourful but coordinated way. The emphasis on necklines, both with the garments and the necklaces, is also very Ruth and I think the key to the top layers is they are very open. They aren't buttoned up but flowey whilst still being smart.

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