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Monday, 23 November 2009

New Look 6757 nearly done

New Look 6757 are nearly completed. They need a press and the trouser legs need hemming to the right length but the whole facing/waistband/belt loops assembly is done, and the invisible zip has gone in nicely too.
I decided not to try to finish these tonight (which is always tempting) because its when you are tired that you make those stupid errors which completely ruin a project!

I made both the front and back waistbands slightly shorter and eased them to the trouser legs.
When I was constructing I attached the waistband main pieces to the front and back separately, tacked the side seam, tried on, before sewing the side seams permanently and putting the zip in.
This takes a bit longer but does mean the trousers have a chance to fit :D

I heard today that I need to go away with work for 2 days this week, which is all very well, except I lose 2 evenings sewing the wardrobe which was already super tight anyway (sigh), and I have major dental work on Friday which is likely to leave me very sorry for myself for several days afterwards.

I think it is safe to presume that I will press and hem these trousers tomorrow night (but not much more as I have baking to do), I then have a weekend and Monday night to do all the other pieces which is frankly not a lot of time to make two more bottoms and two more tops.

I am therefore thinking about throwing in one or two super easy pieces right at the end if needs must as it would be frustrating to get so close and fall at the final hurdle.
However I might decide that it has me beaten, we shall see!


sdBev said...

It's that time of your life, Ruthie. Your success at work demands that you sacrafice (?sp?) a little of your personal pleasures. I'm retired now and I can assure you that in the long run, giving your work this attention is a good, really good investment. --Having plan B in mind for the SWAP is a good idea too!

Sharon said...

Wow these are looking great and what a geat idea about the waistband and fitting, I need to remember this.

You achieve so much so give yourself a major pat on the back and enjoy the garments that you have already made and are happy with.