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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Cardigan refashion

This cardigan was also in the recut/recycle/UFO box with the previous item. Its a size 16-18, a fairly straight cut and missing a grey button which I could not match.

I cut off the sleeves and reshaped the sleeve cap leaving the sleeve seams sewn up.
I cut open the side seams and reshaped the body to come in more at the waist (and a size smaller) and then resewed the side seams.
(The reshaping was done using pattern pieces from favourite knit tops sewing patterns, I don't do it by eye)

I then reinserted the sleeves, cut off the remaining grey buttons and replaced them with these black satin ones from my button stash.

Now I have a teal cardigan to wear. Its a little worn but has a bit more life in it yet so I am pleased with it.


Rhoto said...

Hi Ruthie!!
You're encouraging me here... I have an '80s sweater that has a really cute, fitted cut. However, it was made with BIG shoulder pads under a gathered sleeve cap... Without 'em, the shoulders droop way down.
Sounds like it could be altered, eh?? With a friend's help ;).
Soft H1N1 elbow hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Sharon said...

Great refashions and your dress is wonderful (sorry late post).