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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Simple wool jacket

I've carried on with the teal thread by starting on this teal wool jacket. The wool fabric is lovely and soft and slightly felted from several hot washes and a tumble dry.

I have lining in the same colour which I am going to add next.

The pattern is from Prima magazine's November 2009 issue and is for a coat or jacket with facing and raised back neckline. That's a bit too closed in for me, so I plan to fold it over as a narrow shawl collar. I shall do a deep hem on the body so that the jacket does not hit me at the widest part of the hip (my widest point).

I'm ignoring the whole boyfriend jacket trend and sticking with shorter fitted jackets as they are more flattering to my pear shape.

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Jenni said...

The jacket is coming along well. I too will be ignoring the boyfriend jacket trend. If enough of us ignore it, maybe it will go away?