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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Teal Velvet Cowl Neck

This is the HotPatterns cowl neck top (with a few modifications), done in a teal stretch velvet I bought last year from Fabrix in Lancaster.

The idea of this piece is something dressy that is also warm. Imagine it with black tailored trousers and some sparkly earrings for a Christmas meal with colleagues from the office.

The original Hotpattern's top is morphed with a TNT knit pattern of mine to give more shaping through the body. I have included a centre back seam with forward head and sway back alterations (shaping of the back seam), which also gives a handy place to hand sew the facing down.

This came out pretty much as I expected and was a nice quick project.

My next project in the run of teal things is a teal and white print top in the Jalie cross over top pattern. This will be more of a normal daytime look you might be glad to hear. Its already cut out and uses leftovers from a previous project, which is a simple scoop neck tee with 3/4 sleeves. I wanted something different for the second one hence the crossover front. I had to be quite creative with the layout to get it out of the fabric and still have the print the right way up, but I think it is OK.


Allison said...

Goodness! You have been on fire these past few days. I like what you did with the cardigan. I have a gorgeous cashmere sweater sitting on my sewing table awaiting just such an adventure. It no longer fits dh but I think I could refashion it into something suitable for me. Thanks for the inspiration, Ruthie!

I really like this teal velvet top! The neckline falls beautifully and you have obviously done a great job of making a frankenpattern. I do that a lot as well and its wonderful when the results are so beautiful!

Nancy K said...

Glad to see this lovely top, after your first posting about it over on PR. I made up the cross front and had a wadder. I really should have cut about 2 sizes smaller int he upper body. I did what you did, and took my tnt pattern to take in the shoulders and front armscye. I found that the front armscye was way out of place, kind of like your red top. I should have taken your top and learned! I really like this top and the color and fabric is gorgeous. I would never have thought to make it out of a crushed velvet like this. Perfect holiday top.